Cows week

In the lead up to this Sunday’s cows4me tribute article, we would like to bring you some cows themed content, to honour our departed friend and commenter who was a Taranaki farmer.

So last night, we talked about cows4me‘s attitude towards socialists, particularly their attitude towards Donald Trump. We wondered what cows thought of Trump, so went back to have a look for some of his comments on the subject:

I never realised Trump played tennis? Oh no, wait… he plays golf. That must be what cows is talking about, so as not to upset the mods.

Yes, cows. They are still trying desperately to impeach him, but he has got this far, almost 2 years in. Anyone who says they will support the US rather than hate them will get Trump’s support. Unfortunately, these days, that probably doesn’t include New Zealand. So it looks as if we will be back in the cold again. But, from where you are now, I’m guessing you don’t know that, mate…

Gee, cows. Don’t hold back. Say what you think…

Oh and speaking of Americans, he wasn’t crazy about Barack Obama, as you have probably already gathered.? Or Muslims in general, for that matter.

Noooo cows. Islam is the religion of peace. Didn’t you realise that?