Cows week

In the lead up to this Sunday’s cows4me tribute article, we would like to bring you some cows themed content, to honour our departed friend and commenter who was a Taranaki farmer.

So we ended last night with some of his comments on Muslims. As you might expect, he was not crazy about them either.

Well, I can’t argue with you there, cows and I think we are heading that was here in New Zealand too.

But wow. That comment was from 2013.

Then there was this:

Yes. Serious stuff, cows. And we all agree with you.? And I love the way you manage to sidestep the moderators too. I mean, that really is quite a skill.

This was after the Lindt Cafe incident at the end of 2014. Most of us were horrified that an incident like that could happen so close to home. I agree with him and have always believed that until Muslims come out and openly condemn such attacks, they will go on because the perpetrators will assume that their own people approve, until the day that they finally demonstrate that they don’t.

First blood has long been drawn, cows. It has long been time to act. But the authorities do nothing, other than bring more in, under the auspices of the United Nations programme.

No, he didn’t like the UN either. But why am I not surprised.

Nowadays, cows, we are saying this more and more, particularly as our very own Princess is over there right now, wowing all the women’s TV programmes with her baby and trying to tell the world what to do. Fortunately for us, in spite of how she is seen by the NZ media, it is all puff pieces in the international media. But, as I’m sure you knew, she isn’t up for much else.

And you knew all this back in 2015. You are a legend. Good on you, cows4me.