Cows week

In the lead up to this Sunday’s cows4me tribute article, we would like to bring you some cows themed content, to honour our departed friend and commenter who was a Taranaki farmer.

So we ended last night with some of his comments on the United Nations. Very topical at the moment, with Cindy spreading her stardust over there as far and wide as possible.

And as you might expect, cows4me wasn’t crazy about the United Nations either. How did we know that?

Oh, don’t worry about that cows. In those days, they were fully funded by Obama. No trouble.

He is talking about Jack Tame here. You know, the one who was almost in tears in New York when Hillary lost? Yes. That’s the one.

This was a comment on a post discussing UN Resolution 2334. As you can see, cows can be a reasonable bloke if he had a mind to be.

But he had an acerbic wit too… as most of you know…

This is our former Housing Minister, cows?and while no one would have disagreed with you back then (in January 2017), we’d probably give a hell of a lot to have someone semi-competent in that role right now. Even Nick Smith.

He didn’t like Crooked Hillary either

Comparing Hillary with one of your beloved cows cows? Nooo… Funnily enough, she still hasn’t been locked up and she hasn’t got over her election loss yet either. Somehow, I don’t think she ever will.

But speaking of cows, cows…

We wouldn’t be talking about Helen Clark here, would we?