Cows week

In the lead up to this Sunday’s cows4me tribute article, we would like to bring you some cows themed content, to honour our departed friend and commenter who was a Taranaki farmer.

So last night, we reviewed some of his comments on Islam. He wasn’t a great fan of Islam, as you may remember.

He wasn’t a great fan of Helen Clark either.

She Beast? That wouldn’t be the lovely Helen,would it? Although you already know that she lost out on the top job at the UN because of sexism, don’t you? Yes. Of course you do.

I don’t know what to say to that, cows… except that they reckon that, in a nuclear holocaust, only cockroaches (or beetles) and Winston Peters will survive.

This was a comment on an article about John Key.

I know I keep saying this, cows, but don’t hold back…

He really didn’t like Helen much, did he? Mind you, nor did I.

Socialists are often like this, cows, and your comment above could equally apply to Jacinda. Just think of how Hillary Clinton still cannot accept her election defeat, almost 2 years on. I reckon Helen is still angry about not getting the top job at the UN, although it seems that Jacinda is still a UN puppet. Who knows where this will end.

Here is a classic piece of cows4me wisdom and this is also one of the reasons why he will always be loved on this blog.

God bless you cows. Most of us agree with you.