Crony Watch: Steve Chadwick scores cushy government job

Labour constantly criticised National about crony appointments, but since gaining government they have worked assiduously to appoint their own cronies to positions.

None have worked hard with crony appointments than David Clark, who has just appointed former Labour MP Steve Chadwick to a position: Quote:

Rotorua mayor and midwife Steve Chadwick was announced as chair-elect at last night?s formal parliamentary launch of the new Federation of Primary Health Aotearoa New Zealand.

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern and health minister Dr David Clark joined 150 ministers, MPs and health leaders for the launch of the new ?single voice for primary care?.

Clark said at the launch that primary health care was the foundation of the health system and he expected the Federation to an important contributor to the Government?s vision for collaborative, multi-disciplinary primary health care in New Zealand.

The Federation?s establishment board chair Dame Annette King, in announcing her successor, said Chadwick was a former associate minister of health who had a major input into children?s health and tobacco policy in particular.

?She is a qualified midwife and passionate advocate for the role of primary care and reducing health inequalities.? End quote.

From one crony to another. The hypocrisy is breathtaking. Labour are very, very good at looking after their cronies and lickspittles. National usually goes soft because they are scared of being accused of looking after their own cronies.