Curran continues to wreak havoc on the government because of her sneaky and furtive ways

How interesting that some of Handley?s emails might get redacted if they don?t apply to the CTO job application. Quote:

Former Communications Minister Clare Curran says there “may be some more” emails between her and job applicant Derek Handley that have not been released.

Curran was fired from Cabinet over her failure to declare a meeting with Handley, a technologist applying for a highly-paid government IT job.

She later resigned as a minister after failing to adequately defend her use of her private Gmail account for Government business, citing “intolerable” pressure.

When Curran was fired from Cabinet she proactively released a chain of emails, texts, and Twitter direct messages between her and Handley setting up the meeting.

But one of Handley’s emails indicates that other communications may have been exchanged, at one point saying he wants to check “one final time” about the meeting and that he appreciates Curran might not have the time to respond to his “emails”.

It’s also not clear where Handley got Curran’s mobile number or got direct instructions on how to access the Beehive after-hours, when the meeting took place.

Asked if she had released all of her emails with Handley on Tuesday, Curran said “there may be some more”.

“They are the full chain of emails that related to the meeting I had with him in February,” Curran said. “There may be some more.”

Curran said she was archiving all of her Gmail messages that were related to ministerial matters and they would be discoverable to journalists under the Official Information Act.

She wouldn’t comment on the content of the emails as she was still undergoing this process.

It’s likely that if the emails did not relate directly to the job application they may be redacted in order to respect Handley’s privacy. End quote.

The OIA process never respected my privacy.

But it would be very embarrassing if some of those emails might reveal political advice or support, or something murky and inappropriate. If something juicy got revealed, it could seriously undermine the Government’s relationship with the NZ tech sector.

Under the circumstances, you should say that due to Curran?s behaviour, ALL Handley emails should be released so we know exactly how bad the political backscratching was.

Amazing how the story keeps going…Clare Curran is a one woman wrecking machine.