Dear Leader wants to overide Auckland’s unitary plan

Digital image credit: Rick H

Stepping in and over Auckland Council warms my blood. The authority is hopelessly inept and a major burden on our economy and growth.

But will Phil Twyford?s new urban agency be any different? Will it make Develoment easier, faster, better?

The answer is – no.

And the reason is simple. It will be staffed by the same kind of people as Auckland Council.

Planners and urban designers and petty bureaucrats who want absolute control despite the law and who can?t help themselves by meddling.? ?

Ask any developer and they will tell you that these planners and urban designers are nothing but a nuisance. Time theives.

Urban land development should be the easiest thing to do. But it?s not because of how hard it is to get a consent.

Only last week, Auckland Council?s one development arm Panuku was declined a consent for an apartment development on Dominion Road. Even Auckland Council cannot get a consent for something it envisaged.

Half of the time wasted by Councils on consent applications is taken up by bickering between urban designers and planners all wanting to stamp their own mark on the proposed scheme. It?s like a dwarf fight over who gets to use the crayons and draw the design. Developers hate it.

My problem is simple. How does Twyford expect to overcome these issues. The natural inclination of any CEO of an organisation like proposed will merely look for people to employ and in will come all the numpties.

And the problem will continue.