Derek Hangry spoils Cindy?s Big Apple Party

Derek Handley is going to have to be renamed Derek Hangry after he released his texts between Clare Curran, Jacinda Ardern and himself.? Quote:

They show that the prime minister has at best-misled parliament, or worse deliberately lied. They also expose her private email to OIA requests now. For someone who claimed she never lies she looks to have been found wanting: quote.

Tech entrepreneur Derek Handley says his correspondence with the prime minister and former Digital Services Minister Clare Curran shows there was nothing inappropriate or untoward.?End quote.

On the contrary, the text messages show that Jacinda Ardern has misled. She said she never engaged but the text message trail suggests otherwise. She even gave Handley her private email address.?? Quote:

Mr Handley this morning released a statement and redacted email and text correspondence between himself and Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern, and himself and Ms Curran about the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) role and his move back to New Zealand.

In the statement, Mr Handley said there has been continued questioning and speculation over this correspondence and what role it may have played in the CTO appointment process.

“I felt throughout that the right thing to do was to refrain from commenting as I did not see it as my role to clear up concerns regarding a government process or contents of related communications,” he said.

“However, the resulting vacuum has fuelled speculation and demands to see emails and texts between myself and Clare Curran and Jacinda Ardern. The government has chosen not to fill that vacuum.”

The communications have become the focus of ongoing scrutiny by the opposition.

Last week Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern told Parliament she had received a text message from Mr Handley mentioning the CTO role some months earlier which she “did not recall directly engaging with“.?End quote.

But she handed over her private email address. Derek Handley has just ruined her Big Apple party.?? Quote:

Messages Mr Handley provided to media indicated there were several texts but no specific reply to the message mentioning the CTO job.

Speaking to reporters in New York today, Ardern said she never engaged directly with Mr Handley about the CTO role.

Ms Ardern said when Mr Handley texted her about the job, she did not respond.?End quote.

But she did. She is dancing on the head of a pin here. Those emails can now be OIA’d and it is unlikely the vast redactions supplied by Handley will remain.

DH JA Text Jan 1 Sep 23 2018 Redacted by Cam Slater on Scribd

Jacinda Ardern can no longer claim she never engaged. She clearly did.?? Quote:

The entrepreneur also released text messages between him and Ms Curran.?End quote.

DH CC Texts 10 Mar Sep 22 2018 Redacted by Cam Slater on Scribd

Those text messages are utterly cringe-worthy. What is also interesting is that this so-called tech entrepreneur and someone pushing for the CTO roles uses an iPhone 5s!?? Quote:

Mr Handley said he still hadn’t received an explanation as to why the government was not going ahead with his appointment as CTO and he was disappointed the prime minister had not provided one.

“The handling of the Chief Technology Officer appointment and subsequent fall out in the last four weeks is likely to be discouraging to anyone from the private sector contemplating making a contribution to New Zealand through a government role,” he said in a statement.

Mr Handley said he will donate the?$100,000 he received for the termination of his contract?to the funding of digital innovation projects. End quote.

Derek Handley might be a goose, but no one deserves to be treated the way he was. One thing is clear, he is not happy and decided to rain on Cindy’s parade. Instead of gushy news articles she is now being hounded about her truthiness.

But with all these emails and texts being dumped… we should now call Derek Handley “RawSnark”.

The rough sequence of events looks something like this:

  • Derek Handley tells his mate Jacinda Ardern he wants the position.
  • Ardern sends Handley her private email address for further “private” discussion.
  • Government cancels first recruitment round under direction of Ardern who has found the candidate she wants.
  • Handley is given a clear and easy run for the job.
  • Handley gets offered the job and accepts verbally.
  • Curran busted by the MSM for her part in the process, including the secret meetings and communications.
  • Ardern covers for Curran and goes soft on her, only partially sacking her. In return, Curran keeps Ardern?s part in the whole mess a secret.
  • Curran eventually becomes the sacrificial lamb and resigns after she has little other option.
  • Ardern lies in parliament about her dealings with Handley.

One wonders what he will dump tomorrow. One thing is certain this whole debacle lurches on for another week and now embroils the prime minister.