Desperate, cranky, old Aunty Helen no longer relevant and showing it

Helen Clark is becoming increasingly bitter as it seems Jacinda Ardern isn’t listening to her now, She clearly feels she’s being humiliated and is cutting up rough, in the media daily and now bagging Jacinda openly: Quote:

Former Prime Minister Helen Clark is full of praise for Jacinda Ardern, but admits the two politicians took office under very different circumstances.

“I came to the job after decades of fighting, fighting within my own party, fighting for causes,” Ms Clark told RadioLIVE. “I had walked over burning coals really, to get to that job.”

The current Prime Minister was asked to step into Labour’s leadership role just seven weeks before the 2017 election. Ms Ardern had previously indicated she didn’t want to lead the caucus after seeing the demands it put on Ms Clark.

Despite outlining the differences, Ms Clark had only kind words to describe Ms Ardern’s performance so far.

“She’s an amazing woman. She transformed her party’s prospects in seven weeks and has become a global icon for the young women who is stepping up and doing it.”

Ms Clark, a self-described “freelance public advocate”, recently published a new book,?Women, Equality, Power: Selected Speeches from a Life of Leadership, featuring a curated collection of speeches.

She says if Ms Ardern ever needs any advice, she will be happy to share her wisdom.

“I don’t expect her to come to me for advice, but if she ever wants to, the door and phone are always open.” End quote.

In other words Jacinda ain’t calling. No wonder she is cranky.