Does the Labour-led government think Kiwi voters are stupid?

Phil Twyford
Credit: Pixy

Judith Collins continues to hold Phil Twyford to account.

She’s sledged him as the “Minister for Re-Announcing National Party initiatives”: Quote:

The Government needs to start crediting the National Party as Housing Minister Phil Twyford once again plagiarises a previous National Government housing announcement, National?s Housing spokesperson Judith Collins says.

?This infrastructure funding is definitely not new. It was announced by the previous National Government in July last year.??

?This isn?t the first time Mr Twyford has had trouble coming up with new ideas. Despite claiming in Opposition he had the answer to New Zealand?s housing woes, he has chosen to copy and paste another National announcement.

?In July 2017 National announced that $300 million of new funding provided through the Housing Infrastructure Fund to unlock new housing developments in Auckland’s north-west via investment in transport, wastewater and stormwater projects.

?Today Minister Twyford has announced the $339.2 million to support around 7000 homes in Auckland?s northwest.

?Spot the difference.

?The Minister?s latest announcement will deliver 3500 fewer homes for $39.2 million more than what National announced last year.

?National had a comprehensive housing programme underway. We were on track to build nearly 200,000 houses over the next six years and more houses were being built faster.

?National?s policies were addressing land supply, supporting infrastructure and helping first home buyers with a deposit and loan through National?s HomeStart Scheme.

?Considering Mr Twyford has previously criticised the effectiveness of the Housing Infrastructure Fund and that his own colleague Andrew Little dismissed it as a ?piecemeal policy which had not been thought through?, I am shocked that Mr Twyford is trying to take credit for the fund today.? End quote.

I’m not shocked at all. Phil Twyford got all the practice in shamelessness he needed in working for one of the more shameless “charities out there. Oxfam has been busted so many times for misleading statement it’s almost like they have courses in it and Phil Twyford was one of their star pupils.

The one thing I am worried about is Phil Twyford developing a nervous tick , or PTSD with the constant smacking he gets handed by Judith Collins.