Don’t risk missing out on the pre-launch Whale Meat orders

Our deadline for cut off of our pre-launch meat orders is fast approaching. Don’t miss out.

You can order our delicious restaurant quality meat today and have it delivered, chilled and ready to eat by Friday. Either go to our website, or order directly from the selection below.

There are limited spots left before we close off orders tomorrow. Get in and be amongst the first to find out just how superb our meat selections are.??

I ran a test of the chiller box by bringing up a box of meat with me to Fiji. I left home several hours before my flight, arrived at the airport and checked in two hours before take-off. The meat went in the hold and then I flew three and a bit hours to Nadi. By the time I got to Nadi the meat had been in the chiller box for over seven hours. Customs opened it for inspection to check it was all vacuum packed, including the bacon (which BTW stopped the nice Muslim customs girl in her tracks). I then drove three hours to Suva before arriving at my friend’s house. The meat was still as cold as when I put it in the box before leaving Auckland.

I have enjoyed the best bacon ever. Try buying bacon in Fiji and you will understand why we have been receiving unannounced visitors for dinner since I arrived. When we had the 2cm thick sirloins all conversations stopped as my friends and guest could only utter groans of extreme pleasure at the quality of the meat. Yes, they are that good.

I have sourced for you dear readers the best, restaurant quality meat for you to enjoy. I eat this meat, and I will eat no other meat. To do so will result in extreme disappointment. Especially if you buy your meat (if you can call it that) from the supermarket.

Get in now before our pre-launch trial ends Sunday, or spaces run out. We will be opening the store for business permanently once our delivery tests are completed.

Thank you to all those readers who have already bought one of our meat packages. I appreciate your support.

The Whale Meat Company