Don’t talk about it Dutton, do it

Peter Dutton is issuing threats, meh, threats are nothing, just get on with it, unleash the hounds: Quote:

ANGER has erupted over embattled Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton?s threat to release a dirt file targeting Labor.

Questions are mounting about Mr Dutton?s intervention in?three visa cases involving foreign au pairs, one who worked for a former Queensland police officer and another employed by a Liberal Party donor.

The saga, which has been an ongoing distraction for Scott Morrison?s new government, intensified today when?Mr Dutton?said he had a ?list? that would hurt the Opposition.

?I?ve got a series of cases that have been put to me by Labor members ? and I?ve kept a very good list actually of MPs who have come to me with quirky cases,? Mr Dutton told reporters.

?I will be happy to go into some matters in question time, potentially. I?m gathering some of that information at the moment ? because I?ve been quite gobsmacked by the hypocrisy from some of those within the Greens and Labor.?

He also singled out Chris Bowen as someone who asked his assistance with ?quirky? immigration matters.

?Chris Bowen has written to me hundreds of times asking me to intervene in matters. Now, has he got a personal connection with any of those people? You would need to ask him that,? Mr Dutton said.

Mr Bowen slammed the suggestion made by Mr Dutton, as well as his threat of a damaging list.

?Of course I have made representations on behalf of my constituents,? Mr Bowen said.

?That is my job. I can confirm that at no stage have I made any representations on behalf of au pairs at airports who are pretty clearly in breach of the rules. And neither did I, during my three years as immigration minister, approve any.? End quote.

Why are Labor upset, they started flinging dirt. Fling it back.

God, I love Australian politics. The brutality of they way they play is so refreshing.