Draw Waliy cartoon contest

Since the religion of peace is actually a brutally oppressive ideology that thinks that it?is completely acceptable to slaughter people for drawing the Wally who created their horrible religion I have decided not to upset the Mad Mullahs in Pakistan. I made this decision since I am extraordinarily fond of my head and if I shot them dead while defending my life here in New Zealand our ‘progressive’ legal system would no doubt declare me to be the bad person for not letting them slaughter me like they slaughtered the cartoonists at Charlie Hebdo.

Can you draw Waliy?

Since we are still safe in the West to draw Waliy and indeed to search for Wally I have decided to run a draw Waliy competition here on Whaleoil. Another person had a similar idea to mine and created a find Muhammad competition but I wouldn’t dare to upset ‘peaceful’ Muslims with a cartoon of Muhammad due to their propensity for murdering people for hurting their widdle feelings. My competition is to draw Waliy.

My competition is not to draw Muhammad because that might trigger them to ‘peacefully’ run me over with a truck or van of ‘peace’ or to ‘peacefully’ stab me to death, or to ‘peacefully’?blow me up along with themselves in the hope that they might score some spotty virgins in paradise.

I greatly admire the organisations that can afford armed bodyguards so that they can hold draw Muhammad cartoon competitions and be protected from the religion of ‘peace’ but sadly I cannot afford the luxury of free speech or freedom of expression here in New Zealand because our Prime Minister does not support it and neither does my city’s mayor Phil Goff.

Indeed the pair of them would likely blame me for my own murder and say that a draw Muhammad cartoon competition is an incitement to slaughter. They would mouth meaningless platitudes about my death and then spend the rest of the interview talking about Islamophobia and expressing their concerns about the poor Muslim community who were forced to waste?a perfectly good truck running me down.

Please send your cartoons of Waliy to sb at whaleoil.co.nz and put Waliy in the subject line. If we get enough I may run a regular Weekly Waliy cartoon to feature them all.

Cam is very concerned that we are still currently only in third place on Pakistan’s censorship list and he would like us to become number one. You know what you need to do folks.