Dumb as a bag of hammers and still digging

Someone needs to tell Clare Curran to put down the shovel: Quote:

Just hours after resigning from her role as broadcasting minister, Clare Curran came out swinging at the political editor of a state broadcaster on Twitter.

And since then Curran has taken down her Twitter account.? ?

Curran’s resignation followed a horror week in Parliament involving questions over her use of a personal email account for Government business.

Stepping down appeared to be a personal choice. Earlier on Friday Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern told Newstalk ZB she would not fire Curran, but she had accepted the MP’s resignation the night before.

Only hours later, the MP responded to a tweet posted by Radio New Zealand’s political editor Jane Patterson.

“Wow – former Labour Party Minister Marian “boo-boo” Hobbs makes comeback at the Curran presser as the muscle, keeping the media at bay,” the original tweet read.

Hobbs also faced criticism during her political career for errors ? including confusing former TVNZ chairwoman Rosanne Meo with former CEO Rick Ellis.

At one time posters were posted in central Wellington of Hobbs’ head, with the wording: “Who’s the fifth Teletubby? Answer: Booboo.”

Curran hit back at the tweet from Patterson, calling it an “incredibly nasty comment”.

“Just show a damn example to other journalists will you,” Curran’s tweet ended.

Curran’s Twitter account, with the handle @clarecurranmp, had since been deleted. End quote.

Curran is probably curled in a ball and rocking and crying herself to sleep. She only has herself to blame, she was trouble before she even entered parliament, she’s finally been caught out.

Someone in Labour really needs to sort her out properly.

One has to wonder why Marian Hobbs at 70 years of age was rolled (snort) out as muscle to support Curran. One also has to wonder why the prime minister’s chief of staff was also there considering he said nothing other than a copy of Curran’s blame everybody but herself statement was going to be on Labour’s website.

Either way Curran is continuing to prove she is dead set useless.