Educating our children about sex

Green list MP Golriz Ghahraman

Golriz Ghahraman is the Greens spokesperson for many things, Human Rights, Immigration, Customs, Disability, Global Affairs, Trade, Defence, Security and Intelligence, Corrections, Police, Overseas Development, Courts and Justice. Phew! That’s a long list.

Recently, she has been tweeting about SexEd, (short for Sexual Education, not to be confused with sexed).? I’m not sure which of her spokesperson roles this would come under, nor whether she is tweeting Green party policy or her own personal opinion. Green party policy does not specifically cover educating children about sex. Nevertheless, her tweets have sparked an interesting discussion.

It started with this tweet:? Quote:

Investing in holistic sex ed that is sex positive, based on respect, consent, diversity, including Rainbow experiences, is key to ending our heartbreaking stats on violence and ensuring gender equity through actual culture change.? End of quote.

Now some of those sentiments I’m fully on board with.? Sex based on respect and consent – no arguments with that.? The rest needed some clarification, which Max asked for in the following tweets.? Quote:

Could you please explain exactly what you mean by the terms “holistic sex ed”, “sex positive”, and “rainbow experiences”. Examples of the latter would be helpful. Thank you and have a nice day. Max.? End of quote.

Golriz replied to Max’s polite and reasonable request.? Quote:

Holistic = including healthy relationship & consent ed.? Sex positive – let’s not shame or scare kids, let’s give them accurate info & encourage discussion.? Rainbow experiences = gay, lesbian, trans, intersex, bi, queer, asexual issues are included in sex ed not only heterosexual.? End of quote.

The exchange continues. Max asks:? Quote:

At what age would this instruction begin?? End of quote.

Golriz replies: quote:

I think educators decide how and when things are taught. But consent talks can come at all levels from: it’s not ok for anyone to touch you if you don’t want them to. Tell an adult you trust …. to: talking alcohol and pressure etc later on? End of quote.

Just to be clear, Ms Ghahraman is intending for this sex education to be done by schools. Not parents, schools. So it won’t be you as a parent, it will be the ‘educators’ who decide how and when to teach your children about ‘holistic sex ed that is sex-positive, based on respect, consent, diversity, including Rainbow experiences’.

This is all rainbows and no substance.

If there is a genuine desire to introduce this sort of sex education in schools, there needs to be very clear guidelines about what gets taught and when.

Parents, how do you feel about this?