Face of the day

Photo: Twitter

Today’s face of the day is Rabi Pirzada who is a Pakistani Pop Singer. Her tweets illustrate so clearly that what non-Muslims think Muslims are saying is NOT actually what they are saying.

Let me explain.

Tweet one: She says that the Prophet Muhammad ordered no blood shedding and that life is sacred to her God Allah. However, if you look closely there is a very big BUT in the statement.

except by way of justice and law

This means it is okay to kill if Islamic law says that it?is acceptable.

Tweet Two: She appears to be saying that Islam does not support killing Jews and that the Holocaust was barbaric. She then uses that infamous Islamic phrase ‘ innocent people’ and claims that they are not allowed to kill women or children.

In fact, the phrase ‘innocent people’ refers to Muslim people ONLY. Non-Muslims are not considered to be innocent.

Tweet Three: This tweet reveals the TRUTH about both Rabi and Islam.

Geert Wilder’s life is not considered sacred to her God Allah.

Her God Allah and her prophet?Muhammad tell her that his blood must be shed because Sharia law says that he must die.

Geert is a non-Muslim so his life is not considered to be innocent.

She thinks that drawing a cartoon is an act of terrorism far WORSE than actual acts of terror/jihad where people are murdered.

Let that sink in for one moment.