Face of the day

UK Labour MP Joan Ryan, chair of the LFI.

Today’s face of the day is UK Labour party MP Joan Ryan who is the chair of the Labour Friends of Israel group. She stood up to anti-Semitism within her party and this week she was put under immense pressure after?narrowly losing a vote of no confidence ( 94 votes to 92) among party members in her London parliamentary constituency after being accused of ?smearing? her leader Jeremy Corbyn.

In a statement and social media posts following the vote of no confidence Joan Ryan linked the vote to the ongoing row over allegations of anti-Semitism in the Labour Party and said that she would not resign.

I e-mailed her a personal letter of support before the vote and this was her reply.

Dear Juana,

Thank you for your email, you?ve lifted my heart and raised my spirits.? The support of friends and allies has made a big difference to me in all this.

I am proud to speak out about my values and principles and to stand up for what is right.

All the emails I have been receiving are just wonderful.

I enclose a copy of my full statement below, following last night?s vote.

With warm regards,


“I fought the hard left to a virtual draw. I did?so in the face of a well organised, secret and long-planned divisive campaign?led?by party-within-a-party Momentum.

“This was about anti-Semitism in the Labour?party and those of us who have stood by the Jewish community and said?”enough is enough”. I made no apologies last night for that and I?make no apologies now. I will continue to speak out?against anti-semitism,?against the campaign to demonise and delegitimise the world’s only Jewish state,?and for a Labour?party which is true to its values of anti-racism, respect and?decency.

“I have fought and won Enfield North – a?marginal seat which voted Tory throughout the 1980s and early 1990s – on five?occasions. I had one of the lowest swings against Labour in 2010 and I was one?of only 10 Labour gains from the Conservatives?in?2015. I?ve done that by working?with local people and hardworking activists to fight austerity, protect?public services and?tackle those issues ? housing, lack of opportunities for?young people, and violent crime and antisocial behaviour ? which?the people of?Enfield tell me week in, week out are their biggest concerns. Today I?ll be in?Enfield working with and for?those who sent me to Parliament.

“Labour needs to decide: it’s either an aspiring?party of government focused laser-like on the priorities of the British people?-?Brexit, an economy which works for everyone, and rebuilding our?austerity-starved public services. Or it’s a party fighting?with itself about?ideological purity, arguing with the Jewish community about what constitutes?anti-Semitism, and going?down a rabbit warren of deselection, purges and?harassment. It can’t be both.

“The Labour party is tearing itself to pieces?and in the process it is tearing down the very people it needs the most.?


Rt. Hon Joan Ryan MP

Member of Parliament for Enfield North

e:[email protected]?| w:?www.joanryan.org.uk