Face of the day

New Zealand media didn’t ask today’s face of the day Nurul Shamsul why she feels that she must cover her hair.

  • They didn’t ask her how she feels about the women in Iran who are forced to cover their hair.
  • They didn’t ask her if she believes that covering her hair will protect her from men’s lust.
  • They didn’t ask her why she took part in an aspect of Western culture that is totally at odds with the reason why she is covering her hair.
  • They didn’t ask her why she claims that covering her hair is “empowering.”

Someone needs to ask her these questions.

Wearing ‘modesty’ clothing that is religiously enforced by Sharia law in Islamic countries in a Western free country is a political and activist act.

In a post, she made to?Instagram?her motivation for being in the competition was revealed. She sees her inclusion in this very Western institution as being “good for me and my religion.” It is yet another attempt by a Muslim activist to Islamise, break down and?destroy western culture from the inside.

screenshot: Whaleoil

It is cultural Jihad on women’s freedom in the West.

I reject it and condemn it.

Beauty competitions are part of Western culture. Wearing a hijab to one is like wearing a bikini into a mosque. Muslims would not tolerate non-religious clothing in a mosque so why has New Zealand tolerated religious clothing in a beauty competition?

The hijab is a symbol of Islamic supremacy as well as a symbol of the suppression of women’s sexuality and sexual freedom. It treats women like a piece of meat that has to be covered to keep the flies away.

After many headlines about Muslim women making it into a beauty contest in America and great Brittain, New Zealand is next to follow. The Malaysian-born Nurul Zuriantie Shamsul participated in this year?s beauty pageant wearing her hijab and ending in the top 5.

Who is Nurul Zuriantie Shamsul?

Nurul Zuriantie Shamsul is a 21-years-old psychology student born in Ampang, Selangor. Her father is Malaysian and her mother Indonesian. She was five years old when they moved to New Zealand. In her spare time she writes poetry and shares her story on her blog ?The Girl In The Wine Red Scarf?. She also started her own YouTube channel just after her appearance in the beauty contest.