Faces of the day

Lieutenant Roger Baxter, Captain James Brosnan, Staff Sergeant James Kirkland, Lance Corporal Timothy Tupou, Warrant Officer Class Two Kahu Ranginui and Lieutenant Colonel Jason Hutchings, the New Zealand Defence Force?s Senior National Officer. Photo: Newsie

[…] About 30 Kiwi fathers are deployed with Task Group Taji, the combined New Zealand-Australian task group that is in Iraq to help train the Iraqi Security Forces for their fight against the Islamic State?terrorist group.

Staff Sergeant James Kirkland, who works in the Task Group workshop, is on his second deployment since having children and said it had been tough being away from his two daughters and fianc?e.

?It?s definitely pretty hard. This is the longest I?ve spent away from them,? he says.

Instead of the usual breakfast in bed and hand-delivered card he gets from his children on Father?s Day, Staff Sergeant Kirkland will be at work at the Taji Military Complex, about 20 kilometres north of Baghdad.[…]

About 100 NZDF and 300 Australian Defence Force personnel comprise Task Group Taji. The current rotation deployed to Iraq for six months in June.[…]