Feminist MPs need to read up on the basics

According to Newshub, there is fundamental disagreement in New Zealand currently over what it means to be a woman. I learned what it was to be a woman when I was only five or six. My Mum gave me a children’s book that explained it all very simply with pictures. I remember my friend Rowena a much older girl from next door looking at the book with me and asking questions as her Mum hadn’t talked about it with her.

Fast forward to when I was 12 and my best friend was looking very worried. We were inside the girl’s toilets and she had found blood in her underpants. She confided in me because she thought something was seriously wrong with her. I reassured her that she was perfectly fine and that she had just started menstruating. I went to tell her more but she told me that she would rather get that information from her Mum so I shut up.

Later when I was sleeping over at her house we both pored over the books her Mum had given her about becoming a woman and we discussed what we read together.

Fast forward to the day my daughter became a woman. There were tears because she felt that she was far too young to get a period and she wanted to remain a child for a few more years. I understood her anguish as in contrast to her I had been a late developer and hadn’t become a woman until literally my sixteenth birthday.

Becoming a woman is a very basic concept yet three so-called feminist MP’s in New Zealand have failed to grasp it. Perhaps I need to sit them down with a book and some diagrams to explain it to them? Quote.

[…] Over the past several weeks, prominent New Zealand feminists have clashed with transgender activists over the issues of biological sex and self-identification.

It all boils down to a fundamental disagreement over what it means to be a woman. End quote.

Oh dear, what is there to disagree about? Science is very clear about what it means to be a woman.

  • Women have two?X chromosomes, while men have one?X?and one Y chromosome.
  • Women are born with ovaries
  • Women have menstrual cycles
  • Woman have a uterus so they can grow human beings inside them
  • Women are mammals that can feed their young from their breasts
  • Women are born with a vagina quote.

Shifting beliefs about biology and identity mean that to many in 2018, gender is more complicated than a simple binary differentiation, defined by genitalia. End quote.

Nope, it isn’t complicated at all. Just because some people want to jump off a cliff onto the rocks below doesn’t mean that we have to agree with them that it is a great idea and should be supported because they believe that they can fly. We don’t say that human beings flying is a “complicated” issue because of “shifting beliefs” about humans’ ability to fly. We don’t say that flying is no longer defined by wings or the ability to actually soar through the air anymore. We stand up and say loudly and clearly HUMAN BEINGS DO NOT HAVE THE ABILITY TO FLY. They never have and they never will. Human beings are not birds. Quote

“A field for ‘biological sex recorded at birth’ is particularly bad as it implies a fixed concept that cannot be changed,” the submission reads. End quote.

A person’s biological sex or gender cannot be changed. It is incredible to me that we are even having this discussion because it is factually incorrect and dishonest to pretend that a person’s biological gender/sex can be changed. It cannot.

The Newshub article describes anyone who wants legal documents to be factual as being” opposed to trans rights” but this is just a lazy smear to avoid addressing the actual issue. Of course, Trans people have human rights. This issue is about lies being printed as fact on a legal document.

The same applies to areas for men and women like gyms,?changing rooms and toilets. If you are not a woman then you should not be in a space that has been set aside for women. Women have rights and men have rights and both sexes have the right to only shower and undress around those of the same biological sex as them. Quote.

Green Party co-leader Marama Davidson tweeted in August that the only people who are a threat to women’s spaces are men.

“Trans women who are so acutely oppressed, marginalised and dehumanised are my sisters. Not my enemies.” end quote.

Trans women are men so Marama Davidson calling them her sisters at the same time as saying that men are a threat to women’s spaces just makes me want to pull my hair out.

Green Party list MP Golriz Ghahraman couldn’t resist putting her oar in and claimed that is “callous” to point out inconvenient facts because trans women “suffer some of the highest rates of sexual violence and physical brutality.” Facts apparently are?”Not my feminism.”

Labour MP Kiri Allan demanded that feminists “stop being transphobic” because apparently insisting on facts means that you are phobic of Trans people. She tweeted

Dear any *feminist ever Stop being transphobic. It?s gross. In solidarity with my sisters – all my sisters, *like, can you even use that term? What happened to solidarity and social justice, y?all. End quote.

Well, that sure was a well thought out argument that put we fact insisting women in our place.

Social justice, y’all where facts don’t matter and emotion is king ( or should that be queen?)