Fighting back against the cry-bullies

Caption: “Students must treat other students and members of the public with respect, dignity, impartiality, courtesy”.

For too long, thuggish cry-bullies have been allowed to dictate the increasingly-limited terms of speech on university campuses. Harassment and violence from the likes of odious blackshirt goons like Antifa have systematically attempted to shut down anything that runs counter to their air-headed Marxist indoctrination.

At least some people are prepared to fight back. Quote:

After being targeted by demonstrators at Sydney University, journalist Bettina Arndt has hit back with tactics that could force the protest leaders to give her a written apology and undertake anti-bullying training.

Arndt has lodged a formal complaint with vice-chancellor Michael Spence accusing five named students of breaching the university?s code of conduct by trying to prevent her giving a talk questioning the existence of a rape crisis on campus. End of quote.

One of the cry-bullies? biggest weapons has been infantile ?safe space? regulations: ruling that dissenting views are just too hurty for this cotton-wool generation to deal with. Arndt is turning the university?s own code of conduct against them. Quote:

If Arndt succeeds in showing student demonstrators engaged in bullying and intimidation to prevent her talk, penalties under Sydney University rules include an oral or written apology, anti-bullying training and a ?management plan? that would need her agreement. End of quote.

Sydney University?s code of conduct clearly states that: Quote:

  • Students must not encourage the harassment and bullying of other students.
  • Students must treat other students with respect, dignity, impartiality, courtesy.
  • Students must treat “members of the public” with respect, dignity, impartiality, courtesy. End of quote.

It would be hard to see how screeching threats and abuse, including ?Reptilian sexist creep? at members of the public and other students, complies with that code.

Moreover, the university?s bullying and harassment policy is clear: Quote:

  • Repeated and unreasonable behaviour directed towards a person or group of people that creates a risk to safety. This prohibited behaviour includes “verbal abuse or threats, including yelling, insulting or offensive language.” End of quote.

When the riot squad have to be called to deal with thuggish activists, there is clearly a ?risk to safety?. Quote:

In an email to Dr Spence, Arndt wrote on Friday that she could supply witness statements and a video of the September 11 incident in which police were called when demonstrators tried to prevent her from speaking at an event organised by the student Liberal Club.

The video shows key people ?encouraging protesters to block the entrance to the venue and harassing, abusing and physically intimidating students trying to attend the lecture?, she wrote.

?I am calling for action to be taken to enforce the university?s bullying policy.

?I ask the university to take action against the students who demonstrated and encouraged abusive behaviour towards me and towards Liberal Club members and my audience.? End of quote.

On her Facebook page, Arndt also takes note of a recent Australian editorial, which quotes a former High Court chief justice, hinting that intolerant leftist students may soon find themselves the targets of lawfare fightbacks. Quote:

Robert French hints the attempt to shut down politically inconvenient speech on campus may meet a challenge invoking the Constitution?s implied freedom of communication. Free-spirited law students, take note. End of quote.