Freeze a jolly good fellow

I was out prowling the neighbourhood with a bunch of the local moggies when one of them brought up the fact that the humans who think that they own us, apparently only have one life.

As we felines have nine lives, this concept of only having one seemed quite bizarre.

Apparently, not all the human dudes accept this situation and some go to great lengths and huge expense to try and thwart the system.

One of the papers some of my moggie mates were rummaging through had this reported: Quote.

A cryogenics firm based in Scottsdale, Ariz. is in hot water after it mistakenly cremated the body of a renowned scientist, preserving only his head, against the wishes of the scientists’ surviving family. Now, the man’s son is hoping to sue the company for $1 million due to the “emotional distress” he suffered as a result of the mistake made by them. The firm, known as the Alcor Life Extension Foundation, has been freezing clients’ heads and bodies since 1982.

The company is facing a $1 million lawsuit after Kurt Pilgeram said he was sent a package from Alcor “which purportedly contained his father?s cremated remains, except allegedly for his father?s head,” which was being preserved in one of the company’ coolers.

According to legal documents, Pilgeram was “shocked, horrified and extremely distressed” when he learned the fate of his father’s body (we imagine he also wanted a refund for $120,000, the difference between the $200,000 the company charges for full-body preservation and the preservation of just a head) […]

Dr. Laurence Pilgeram devoted much of his career to researching the aging process. He died back in 2015 at the age of 90 of what’s believed to have been a heart attack.[…] End of quote.

It must be a bit of a challenge thawing out and re-enlivening a body, but it will be manifestly more difficult reassembling it from just the ashes.

All the king’s horses and all the king’s men couldn’t put Humpty together again, so the boffins at Alcor will certainly have their work cut out when it comes time to thaw the old boy.

So much easier just to have nine lives to start with, I say.