Get your Whale Meat before the greenies tax it or ban it

Yesterday we launched The Whale Meat Company, and it appears it is not a moment too soon.

The pale, vegan, hipster types want you all to eat less meat and are prepared to try and tax it or ban it:

There are fresh calls for New Zealanders to reduce meat consumption to save water.

A study published in Nature Sustainability shows vegetarian or pescatarian diets could reduce a country’s water footprint by up to half.

Researchers say water security is a growing issue and it’s time to act now.

Like we are short of water in New Zealand. I bet this guy has the body of a half sucked throatie.

Lead author Davy Vanham told Kate Hawkesby there’s a lot of competition for different uses of water, not only for agriculture, meat and drinking.

“For energy production and so on and in different regions in the world we have already have high levels of water stress and water scarcity which are very problematic.”

Which we don’t in New Zealand. This womble should get stuffed.

He says there are multiple ways you can convince people to have a different diet.

“For example fiscal measures where you tax products or you give subsidies to certain healthy products. You can look at store layouts.”

Vanham says marketing, availability and education could also be used.

Good point, I am going to use marketing and this article to implore readers to order The Whale Meat Company products to prove that wombles like this are just flat out wrong.

There are limited places left in our 100 customer pre-launch test. Order a box now and get a sneak preview of our delicious, restaurant quality gourmet meat products.