Golriz comes out of the closet

Green party list MP Golriz Ghahraman strikes a pose

Golriz Ghahraman made it into parliament by the skin of her teeth last year, taking her place in the Green Party caucus purely as a result of the overseas votes. She has been a disagreeable public figure so far, always searching out the limelight and being economical with the truth. Now she is protesting Nigel Farage’s visit to New Zealand and?Leighton Smith?has come up with some opinions on Golriz that are difficult to dispute. Among other things, he calls her a ‘waste of space’. (Warning: swearing) quote:

?Golriz Ghahraman is an idiot and a disgrace?, that is the opening line.

“She ignores Green Party values, what a disgrace to the environmental movement.? Well that movement is a disgrace in the first place, I don’t know why you would bother about it.

But part of the Green Party policy is to engage respectfully with out personally attacks.

So here is what?Ms Golriz had to say on Facebook.

“Today’s the day to tell Nigel Farage he’s full of shit!?I’ll be speaking to tell him we stand united against his brand outdated dangerous drivel. Profiting from hate and division ain’t welcome here.”

And then there is a poster, “Nigel Farage if full of shit, protest the politics of the racist right.” end quote.

Very respectful.

She thanked the protestors “from the bottom of my migrant, refugee from the Islamic world Kiwi heart” for attending, and behaving like a rabble. Is this an admission that she is, in fact, a Muslim? Because she has always maintained most vehemently that she is not.

She is not a refugee either. She came here, with her parents, on a flight from Fiji and then Australia. The expression ‘country shopping’ comes to mind.

She had a lot to say, against Nigel Farage, against ‘colonisation’ and against capitalism.

But I have to ask a very relevant question – do you think it is okay for a member of our parliament and a member of the current government to be an activist demonstrating in an anti-free speech rally? Because I most definitely do not think that it is okay.

As a member of our parliament, I expect Golriz to accept the fact that not everyone will agree with her, and that those who may want to go to hear Nigel Farage speak should be treated with some respect. Instead, she tries to link Nigel Farage with an ‘exponential’ rise of hate crimes in the UK, and the death of MP, Jo Cox.

Absolute nonsense.

It would seem that, according to Golriz,? all the problems in the world are due to capitalism.

Capitalism, that has brought more people out of poverty than any other system in history, is apparently the reason for all the ills in the world and this person is part of the government of a country that relies heavily on trade.

Do we really want people like this as part of our government?

She describes Nigel Farage as ‘an embarrassment to his country’ as an MP. (He was never an MP in the UK, although he was elected as a member of the European Parliament.)

Actually, Golriz, I think that description applies much more aptly to you. You are an embarrassment to our country.

You constantly disrespect the role of an MP here.? You lie about your work experience, you interpret the law in ways that suit you and you think it is okay to stand in the street and heckle ordinary people going about their business. One person was hit over the head with a protest sign, and another was heard in the background to be complaining about being punched. A nice, ‘peaceful’ protest and all of this to a crowd chanting -?’Say it loud and say it clear – refugees are welcome here’.

Shouldn’t you be respecting the refugee policies of the government you represent instead of heckling?

Golriz claims that this “9-year-old girl refugee from the Middle East” gets told every day she doesn’t belong here and should have been left to die.

You know what? I don’t believe that. I don’t believe that New Zealanders would say that. Some might… but every day, Golriz? I don’t think so.

Maybe they are saying they don’t want you here because you are not the sort of refugee we like. We would rather have people who are grateful for the opportunity they were given by coming here, and who want to contribute to our society rather than tear it down.

Golriz isn’t remotely grateful for anything she has been given here.

So when she says that she wants Mr Farage to know that “the 1930s have called and they want their vile fascist rhetoric back”… well, you know what, Golriz?

The only “vile fascist rhetoric” I ever hear in New Zealand these days seems to come from you. Seeing that you are a ‘refugee’ from the Middle East, who came to our shores and took all that was offered, that is, to say the very least, disappointing.

So there you have it.?Golriz has outed herself as a vile, foul-mouthed individual with no respect for the law in our country.

But has she also outed herself as a Muslim, which she has always claimed she is not?