Good riddance to bad rubbish

Police quell gang brawlers in Federation Square in March. Picture: Jake Nowakowski/The Australian

The socialist Andrews government of the Australian state of Victoria has been sawing away on its one-note ?diversity? fiddle, while immigrant gangs run rampant in Melbourne. Even former police commisioners are taking the extraordinary step of openly criticising the weak government response to a surge in violent crime.

Now, the Federal government is starting to take some action. Quote:

Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton has taken the extraordinary step of getting monthly reports on Victorian youth gang associates, which show 15 of the 58 foreign ?nationals identified by authorities have had their visas cancelled.

Federal Liberal backbencher Jason Wood also revealed yesterday that he was behind several of the referrals to Home Affairs and Victoria Police, after seeing cases reported in the media.

Heavily redacted copies of ?reports from the first six months of this year, obtained under Freedom of Information laws, show that between April 2016 and May 2018, Victoria Police referred 52 foreign nationals linked to youth gangs to the Department of Home Affairs.

?The department has identified another six foreign nationals linked to Victorian youth gangs through media reporting and confirmed their links with Victoria Police,? the June 2018 report says.

Of the 58 foreign nationals identified, 15 have had visas ?cancelled and another 15 were under ?active cancellation consideration?. End of quote.

Like police and politicians in the UK and Sweden, Victorian authorities have spinelessly denied that there?s even a problem, and denouncing criticism as ?racism?. The media haven?t been much better. Journalist Peter van Onselen was tweeting smug nonsense about not being afraid to go out in Melbourne, at almost exactly the same time as hundreds of Africans were rioting in inner Melbourne. Quote:

The new data comes as the federal Coalition continues to hammer Victoria?s Labor govern?ment for going soft on crime and refusing to acknowledge the scale and nature of an African-Australian youth gang crisis.

But the low ratio of visa cancellations to referrals has prompted Victorian Police Minister Lisa ?Neville to accuse the federal government of failing in its execution of a ?tough on crime? agenda. End of quote.

The old adage about the stuff that floats to the top is as true as ever. Lisa Neville is a career Labor hack: a student politician and former public servant, married to a silvertail union powerbroker, also turned Labor politician. Given Neville?s inept handling of the African gang crisis, trying to point the finger at anyone is an exercise in breathtaking chutzpah. Quote:

Details of the offences committed by those with cancelled visas have also been included in the reports, including assaulting police, aggravated burglary, armed robbery, false imprisonment and possessing firearms. End quote.

All offences which would earn a slap on the wrist and bail from a Victorian magistrate. Quote:

The department redacted all names, but among the gang-linked individuals known to have had visas cancelled are South Sudanese national Isaac Gatkuoth, New Zealander Henry Robati and Ethiopian-born Bill Tang?According to the monthly ?reports, at least five people were seeking a revocation of their visa cancellations or a review by the Administrative Appeals Tribunal at any given time this year. End of quote.

Of course, they are. As I?ve written before, Civil and Administrative Tribunals are progressively stacked by left-leaning governments with activists and sympathisers, to ensure that, no matter what the colour of the government of the day, the left keep getting their way.

It?s remarkable that the Federal government has managed to take out even this much trash.