Great. Now 11 year olds are smoking the stuff

A left-wing newspaper reports on 11-year-olds doing synthetics. quote.

Quote:Children as young as 11 are getting hooked on synthetic cannabis in a Napier suburb known for being a popular source of the drug.End of quote.

11 years old. How the Nicky Hager did we get here?

Before I answer that I’d like to start by clearing one thing up. Synthetic cannabis isn’t just a label. Synthetic cannabis is synthetic cannabis. It works on the brain the same way as normal cannabis. It just can be more potent. Some of it, a lot more potent.

So how did we get here? Let’s start with the closest link. The fact that there are pushers selling drugs to kids. If I had my way there’d be a special place in Dante’s hell for scumbags who push illegal drugs and there’d be a special place in that place for those scumbags who push drugs to kids.

Thing is, under the law, there’s no difference between pushing drugs to adults and pushing drugs to kids. Same max penalty. That’s outrageous. Whether you’re a pothead or someone who thinks caffeine should be illegal you have to agree with that.

If there was a heavier penalty for pushing drugs to kids then maybe, just maybe, there would be fewer pushers pushing to kids as they’d have an incentive to just sell to adults.

Next, that synthetic cannabis was made illegal.

Here’s a nice little fact: Things are much worse than when synthetic cannabis was legal and regulated. And what’s more, it was entirely predictable as one of the things about Prohibition is that it makes drugs much more potent and much more dangerous. Oh, and it does nothing to reduce the amount of misuse. As in absolutely noth-ing.

Sure, it was stupidity to the nth degree to allow Kronic and such to be sold in Dairies and sure, there may have been young teens landing themselves in E.D. after smoking it, but at least it was regulated and a lot safer than the junk on the street now.

Finally, while the rest of the world is liberalising drug laws and moving away from Prohibition we’re dragging our feet.

Thanks, National. Thanks, Winston. Thanks, Jacinda.

So there you have it. Weed is illegal so we got synthetic cannabis instead. Synthetic cannabis got banned so we got the worse of the worse stuff instead. And because the law makes no distinction between pushing to kids and pushing to adults we’ve got 11-year-olds smoking it. Quote.

Quote:[…]A former user told RNZ that her two children were taken from her by Oranga Tamariki.

“The day they turned up to take my babies I was high as a kite.”

The mother said she was now in rehab and trying to give up synthetic drugs, but it was difficult when it was “everywhere”End of quote.

In other words, this pathetic excuse for a human being and mother was smoking synthetic cannabis in front of her kids. She should be in prison not rehab. You can bet the only reason she’s in rehab is because she got sprung. Quote.

Quote:[…]Three deaths in the past year have been linked to synthetics.

Community advocate Minnie Ratana told RNZ “it’s just blown up, it’s like every second person is doing it or has done it”.

When synthetic drugs were banned in 2014, locals starting making it themselves.End of quote.

No surprises there.