Has justice been served?

A 19 year old Palestinian youth in Dunedin to study was in court recently on charges of indecent assault and sexual violation. He pled guilty to making an intimate visual recording but went home without conviction. Quote.

Majd Ali (19) appeared in the Dunedin District Court yesterday after pleading guilty to making an intimate visual recording.

Charges of indecent assault and sexual violation were previously withdrawn by the Crown.

Counsel Anne Stevens said the Israeli embassy had shown interest in the case and Ali now feared a grilling by the country’s security forces on his return.

Judge Kevin Phillips said he had no doubt any interrogation of the teenager would be more severe with a conviction and he ruled it would be unduly harsh for him to carry ”all the implications of sexual depravity” for the rest of his life.

He discharged Ali without conviction on the condition he pay the victim $1500.? End of quote.

Surely the judge can only surmise about the severity of the grilling when Ali returned home?? This story smacks of a loophole that the youngster?s wily legal counsel used to avoid a sentence.

Did the judge buy into the common misconception that the Israelis are the bad guys in any interaction with Palestinians?

For the sake of the victim, I hope Ali receives a grilling tough enough to deter him from further similar behaviour.

Dunedin District Court Image credit Otago Daily Times

The 19-year-old may or may not be a pervert unless he has a history we don’t know about, but he is certainly guilty of taking advantage of a woman in a compromised condition because she was drunk.

How does the victim feel about Ali?s behaviour? Quote.

The victim, who was now living with family overseas, suffered a ”serious emotional crisis” over the incident, the court heard.

She said she wanted Ali to face the truth and take responsibility for his actions.? End of quote.

So, an apology would have been in order. A meeting between the two parties after the court ruling would have been valuable for the victim and an opportunity for the guilty party to express remorse, if indeed he felt any because there is no mention of it.

The court heard that the offence played out as follows. Quote.

They sat on the couch and the defendant suggested she should change into her nightwear.

”Once he had removed all of her clothing and the victim was naked he made no attempt to put any pyjamas on her,” the summary said.

Ali pulled the naked, sleeping woman on top of him, pulled out his phone and took five photographs.

”It doesn’t really get more intimate than a picture of the genitalia of a person,” Crown prosecutor Catherine Ure said.

In three of the photos, the court heard, Ali was visible and clothed.” End of quote.

Is this type of behaviour sexual perversion or simply a repressed young man who needs to grow up?

Why did the judge believe Ali’s fear about a severe Israeli interrogation when he returned home was valid?