HDPA says Ardern is spineless

Heather du Plessis-Allan says Jacinda Ardern is spineless: Quote:

Gone by lunchtime.

Embattled minister Clare Curran has resigned. Last night she offered her resignation and the Prime Minister accepted.

But this is hardly the tidy end you?d think it is.

This whole episode has done massive damage to this government – the Prime Minister especially.? ?

What?s become obvious today is that our Prime Minister can dance around the truth when she wants to.

This morning on?Chris Lynch?s show?she did a little bit of that tricky stuff

When asked: ?Are you considering cutting ties with her though? Firing her??, the Prime Minister answered: ?Ah no because I think she?s paid her price.?

That was this morning, but she?d already accepted Curran?s resignation last night.

To be fair, she was asked if she would fire Curran. She said no. And that is true, she didn?t fire her, Curran resigned

?But she also said: ?I think she?s paid her price?, which was probably designed to make it sound like Curran?s job was safe.

Probably just to buy time. Just to be able to release the information when it suited her – late on a Friday afternoon when everybody?s started thinking about the weekend already.?End quote.

It was a dishonest reply and rather economical with the truth. Quote:

So much for Ardern saying her Government was going to be the most open and transparent the country?s ever seen.

Hard to expect your government to do it when you can?t even, right?

It?s also made the Prime Minister look weak.

She should?ve sacked Curran when she inappropriately met with RNZ boss Carol Hirschfeld in a caf? in Wellington. At that stage ,it was clear Curran was going to be a liability

She should?ve sacked Curran when she failed to put into her diary a meeting with a chap looking for a government job. Then it was screaming out that Curran was a liability.

And finally, she should?ve sacked her last night

Ardern looks like she can?t bring herself to sack someone, even someone tearing up her Government?s reputation

It makes you ask: if the PM doesn?t have the spine for an obvious and easy sacking, what other tough decisions does she not have the spine for?

And as for Curran?s exit statement, she told reporters that the pressure has become ?intolerable? because the?current heat being placed on her is unlikely to go away.

Come on, that?s blaming everyone else!

Curran?s not in this position because people are chasing her. She?s in this position because she kept stuffing up. End quote.

Dead set useless from the top down. Curran was never up to the task and neither is Jacinda Ardern.