Hey Cindy! I don’t think The Donald is listening

President Trump just saved America some more money by cutting the funding to the International Criminal Court.

Apparently, Jacinda Ardern has a message for Donald Trump as she goes on her “Speaking to American media while ignoring the Kiwi media tour”.

Tracy Watkins has a gushy article on what Jacinda Ardern might say, given the chance, to Donald Trump: Quote:

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern’s star maybe high in New York – but there will only be one show in town when United States President Donald Trump makes a rare return visit to his home town for the United Nations General Assembly.

New Yorkers are bracing for an “epic” security crackdown as Trump and other world leaders arrive for the assembly against a backdrop of global uncertainty and expectations of widespread protests.

Ardern and Trump’s paths are bound to cross – she will attend a reception hosted by Trump on the fringes of the event, and they may meet again when leaders join UN Secretary General Antonio Gueterres over lunch.

Former prime minister John Key used to make the most of those opportunities – a photo with ex-US president Barack Obama was public relations gold and he was expert at engineering those moments.

It was not just Key either; for years, New Zealand prime ministers have scrambled for an invitation to the White House at least once during a three year term. But there doesn’t seem to be any such urgency for an invitation in Ardern’s camp.?End quote.

She won’t get an invite. On several occasions, she has taken to insulting the elected President of the United States. Her position is well known to Trump and his advisors. Quote:

Trump does not have the same cachet in New Zealand, particularly with Ardern’s base, so there is not the same pressure on Ardern to engineer a chat with Trump. There is also less to chat about, with the two of them having little common ground – politically or personally.

Key and Obama were likeminded on most issues and shared a passion for golf. Ardern and Trump are political and personal opposites – so much so, Ardern has occasionally been labelled “the anti-Trump” leader.?End quote.

Key and Obama were both socialist in outlook. They holiday near each other and play golf together. I doubt Trump wants fashion tips from a woman who meets royalty wearing slippers, and who looks like a bag lady at the best of times. Quote:

But that may be why it’s even more important for Ardern to seek face time with Trump.

Like Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau?and French President Emmanuel Macron, Ardern represents the group of world leaders who are pushing back against Trump’s retreat into protectionism and nationalism on trade, climate change, immigration and other issues.?End quote.

World leaders? New Zealand. Oh please, Tracy, get over yourself. Quote:

Ardern says she has not sought a formal bilateral meeting with Trump, and her advisers have told her that would not be usual during the UN General Assembly.?End quote.

So Kiwi steel and aluminium producers aren’t on her agenda but getting face time on US anti-Trump television shows is. Nice to know. Quote:

But if she got some face time, she would give him the same message she will be delivering in her speech to the UN, and also taking to some of the events in New York this week, where she is being billed as one of the keynote speakers.

“It’s the emphasis on the importance of multilateral institutions for countries like New Zealand, and now more than ever. If there were [a chance to talk] that’s the kind of thing I’d be interested in talking about. But I have no expectation I’ll have any chance.”?End quote.

What does that even mean? Trump won’t even know what ‘multiladderal institutions ‘are. Meanwhile, he is busily taking apart some of the more extreme areas of those so-called multilateral institutions as we speak. Defunding the Palestinian Authority, UNRWA and removing themselves from the Human Rights Council. What on earth would Princess Cindypants have to say to Trump that he would even be remotely interested in? Quote:

This may be Ardern’s first official visit to New York as prime minister – she lived here for a short period before politics – but she is already a darling of US media.

She has been regularly featured on?The Today Show, where she will be a guest on Monday New York time. Ardern is also a guest on?The?Late Show with Stephen Colbert?– and between them the two shows have more than 7 million viewers. A spot is said to be worth millions of dollars in tourism advertising.

When The Today Show?travelled to New Zealand to interview a pregnant Ardern, it featured shots of New Zealand, and followed Ardern around a Pacifica festival in New Lynn, for a four-minute segment.

Key also appeared on the?Late Show?with?David?Letterman, but as part of a Tourism NZ-funded push. Ardern’s advisers have been at pains to make it known Ardern was approached by both shows, not the other way round. End quote.

The left-wing mocked John Key mercilessly for his appearances. Prepare for gushy, sticky knicker responses this time around.

It would be nice if Jacinda Ardern had as much enthusiasm for interviews on New Zealand shows as she does for virtue-signalling in the US. Perhaps she might like to focus on trade issues, particularly the steel and aluminium tariff issue that her trade minister seems to have failed on despite assuring us all that we’d be exempt. Earning income for the country is much more important than developing one’s brand. Why on earth did we change from Brand Key to Brand Cindy?

In the meantime, whatever message she has for Donald Trump is likely to fall on deaf ears.