Hope for Sweden?

Breitbart reports on Sweden’s election results that have dealt a blow to the country’s immigrant-hugging Left: Quote.

Quote:Italy?s Matteo Salvini has hailed the strong electoral performance of the populist Sweden Democrats over the weekend, and promised more gains in next year?s EU elections.
?Sweden, the homeland of multiculturalism and model of the left, after years of wild immigration has finally decided to change,? observed Salvini, who became Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of the Interior in Italy?s new League/Five-Star Movement populist coalition government after this year?s shock elections.

?Now [the Swedes] say no to this Europe of bureaucrats and speculators, no to illegal immigrants, no to Islamic extremism,? he added.

[…]The 18 per cent level achieved by the Sweden Democrats in this election is a far cry from the significant electoral gains seen by Salvini?s own movement in Italy, but resemble a distinct development in Sweden, a traditionally left-wing country. Although the result may not bring the Sweden Democrats into government through a coalition, it nonetheless helped achieve the lowest polling result for the ruling Social Democrats in a century.End of quote.

The worst result for the left in Sweden since 1911. Social Democrats down 28.4% from 113 seats to 100. Sweden Democrats up 17.%% from 49 seats to 62, now the third largest party. It would be as if Labour’s vote collapsed and ACT became the third largest party in New Zealand. Quote.

Quote:[…]Populist, civic nationalist, and more traditionally conservative parties have been making huge gains across the EU in countries such as Austria and Italy alongside more modest advanced in Sweden and Germany ? which, even if they have failed to elevate the upstart anti-mass migration parties to power, have at any rate succeeded in forcing the establishment ?centre-right? to walk back from the open borders borders policies of 2015 to stave them off.End of quote.

The Left-wing media is running this as far-right racism taking over Europe. Leaving aside the fact that Islam is not a race the lie here is that it’s about race at all. As I wrote last week it is about a culture that is incompatible with the West. If a Muslim wants to come here and integrate fully into our way of life then welcome to him. If he can’t or refuses to integrate then he can go back to whatever Islamist shithole country he came from.

Let’s hope that this is just the beginning.