Horror: ScoMo doesn’t want his daughters to role-play being sluts

Captions: Drag queens in kindergartens. I wish I was joking.

Apparently, even the prime minister of Australia must meekly allow his children to be submitted to indoctrination by creepy cultural Marxist activists.

When Scott Morrison said on radio that part of the reason he sends his daughters to a private school is the worrisome nonsense wheeled into classrooms inside the Trojan horse of ?anti-bullying? and ?sexuality?, leftist heads exploded on cue. Clutching their pearls to their Che t-shirts, they screeched that, ?the prime minister doesn?t have faith in the public education system!?

Yes, well, neither do a lot of us. A decade of steadily declining standards, directly inverse to the amount of money haemorrhaged at the behest of the teachers? unions, and an ever-more blatant agenda of gender indoctrination, has shaken faith in the public school system. Scott Morrison is only saying what many people think. If I had to make the choice again, I would go broke if I had to, to avoid sending my kids to a government school. Quote:

Prime Minister Scott Morrison says a public school program aimed at reducing rates of sexual assault and gender-based violence makes his “skin curl” and is part of the reason he sends his daughters to a Sydney private school.

Mr Morrison said a scenario, aimed at year 9 students that is part of the Building Respectful Relationships program taught in Victorian government schools and involves a 17-year-old bisexual woman who has had 15 sexual partners, does not meet his “values”. End of quote.

Firstly, there is the deceitful claim that these programs are all about reducing rates of sexual assault and gender-based violence. That may be the shabby label slapped on the Marxist Trojan horse, but even a cursory examination peels away the scab of ?respectful relationships?, to reveal the abscess of Marxist-inspired indoctrination festering underneath.

What, after all, do children pretending to be promiscuous, or studying and writing gay sex personals, have to do with ?reducing gender-based violence??

Caption: Teachers denied that the new role-playing activities were inappropriate.

The You?re Teaching Our Children What? website points out that, ?all the scenarios in these lessons describe young people having casual sex and sex with multiple partners?. Even though statistically, only a minority of teenagers have sex before 17, and the average lifetime number of partners is about eight.

Keep in mind, too, that the Victorian government wants to ?hav[e] this program in Victorian schools and kindergartens?. Quote:

“It’s not happening in the school I send my kids to and that’s one of the reasons I send them there … ” Mr Morrison told Alan Jones’ 2GB radio program on Monday.

“I don’t want the values of others being imposed on my children in my school and I don’t think that should be happening in a public school or a private school.? End of quote.

Naturally, the left is outraged ? outraged! ? that a mere parent would have the chutzpah to think that they could possibly know what?s best for their own children.

Even more bizarrely, these ideologues argue that their nonsensical Marxist gobbledegook is even more important than learning maths and science. Quote:

Debbie Ollis, the author of the Building Respectful Relationships material [said] ?”If those things aren’t addressed, young people can’t learn maths and science.” End of quote.

Then there?s the typical motte-and-bailey gambit. ?Motte and bailey? refers to the rhetorical strategy of switching between an easy-to-defend, uncontroversial statement (?motte?), and a hard-to-defend statement (?bailey?), as if they?re the same. Typically, people will argue the motte position, when they are really promoting the bailey (which is rarely actually mentioned). Quote:

Dr Ollis said that “schools have a role in teaching health literacy”. End of quote.

In this case, the deceitful motte is the argument of teaching sex education. Few people would argue that some kind of basic sex education is defensible in school. But almost always, they mean that older children (teenagers, typically) should be taught the basics of growth and reproduction.

But the bailey position that schools also have the right to indoctrinate children for their entire school lives with Marxist-originated ?Queer Theory? nonsense, steeped in the misandrist ranting of third-wave feminism, and the anti-intellectual gibberish of post-structuralism.

In Brave New World, Aldous Huxley describes even the youngest children at collectivist, state-run schools, being indoctrinated with sex games, and classes in ?Elementary Sex? and ?Elementary Class Consciousness?.

He meant it as a satire, not an instruction manual.