How dare Sunrise talk about Aboriginal child abuse

When the late Bill Leak published a cartoon depicting the deplorable state of many children in Aboriginal communities, the elites went ballistic.

Racist! screamed the comfortably inner-city chattering classes. Race-baiting tax-hooverer, Tim Soupinacan openly touted for complaints, in order to subject Leak to another round of punishing lawfare: a case which was ultimately dropped for lack of anyone actually offended enough to bother. Meanwhile, the fact that Aboriginal children, at all socio-economic levels, are abused and neglected at rates grossly more punishing than their non-Aboriginal peers was ignored.

The Sunrise television program also forgot their place, and tried to discuss the issue. Now they?ve been slapped down, too. Quote:

The Seven Network?s Sunrise program provoked ?serious contempt on the basis of race? in a major breach of broadcasting codes during a segment about adoption of indigenous children.

The panel discussion, which featured Prue MacSween calling for the another Stolen Generation to help indigenous children, breached the code because it ?contained strong negative generalisations about indigenous people as a group?, broadcasting regulator the Australian Communications and Media Authority found today. End of quote.

Meanwhile? Quote:

Another Tennant Creek toddler who was known to child protection services has been the victim of sex offences, despite authorities pouring millions of dollars into the troubled outback town that only seven weeks ago was visited by a prime minister promising change.

Northern Territory Police late on Sunday charged a man over the attack, which allegedly occurred outdoors on Friday afternoon about 1km from where another toddler was raped in February.

A third child was raped in the neighbourhood in 2011. End of quote.

Nothing to see here, people. Quote:

ACMA found the negative generalisations during the segment included ?sweeping references to a ?generation? of young indigenous children being abused?. End of quote.

Again, in the real world: Quote:

Last week, The Australian revealed warnings from a Supreme Court judge that sex offending against underage girls was rife in central Australia. Asked about the statement, Mr Smith said the problems existed in Tennant Creek, Alice Springs and elsewhere. ?There are young girls walking the streets, going to older blokes who open their doors and have a party,? he said. End of quote.

The ACMA report makes much of Sunrise?s minor error in claiming that Aboriginal children could ?only be placed with relatives or other indigenous families?. While this is not technically true, in practice it usually is.

The official policy of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Child Placement Principle dictates that Aboriginal children should be placed with, in order of importance, the extended family, the local Indigenous community, or other Indigenous people. Placement with non-Aboriginal families is an official last-resort. Thus, ?The majority of Aboriginal children are placed in kinship care, other Indigenous caregivers or in Indigenous residential care?.

Sunrise is being punished for making a minor mistake, and especially for saying things which make elites uncomfortable.

Data shows that underage Aboriginal girls are almost 60 times more likely to contract syphilis than their non-Aboriginal peers; 30 times more likely to contract gonorrhoea or trichomoniasis. They aren?t catching it off toilet seats. Aboriginal children are seven times more likely to be the subject of a substantiated report of harm or risk of harm than non-Aboriginal children. Aboriginal children aged 1-4 are 11 times more likely to be in out-of-home care than non-Aboriginal children.

These statistics are shocking. Burying heads in the sand, blaming ?colonialism?, and smacking down commentators who try and have an honest discussion, will only mean that they continue, if not worsen. It might hurt the precious fee-fees of activists and race-baiters, but speaking truth is far less harmful than raping children.