If only Bill hadn’t been a dickhead

If only Bill English and the senior Nats hadn’t been so stupid then things may well have been better for us all: Quote:

Winston Peters says the leaking during the 2017 election campaign of his superannuation overpayment did not influence New Zealand First’s coalition choice.

But he said it reinforced National’s instinct “to destroy rather than to build.”?End quote.

Bill English was always a wrecker, and you can see that in the way those closest to him are all at sea now he’s buggered off. One of his key players is sitting quivering hoping the media don’t rumble him as the leaker. My how the mighty have fallen. National’s election strategy was indeed to wreck, especially NZ First. English wanted them gone so he could govern alone. Now he’s gone and National is the party that is alone. Quote:

In a book on the 2017 election campaign, Stardust and Substance (Victoria University), Peters says the leaking of his superannuation overpayment breached a fundamental right to privacy.

“It did not influence the eventual coalition choice of New Zealand First, as many have erroneously claimed, but it did reinforce National’s instinct to destroy rather than to build.

Instead of wanting to co-operate with our desire for positive change, National’s strategy was designed to extinguish it. It was an example of short-term thinking,” he said.?End quote.

Nothing rams that home like the reports of Bill English doodling on papers during negotiating and stating that he’d rather piss in his tea and drink it than contemplate welfare reform. Quote:

From at least 12 months prior to the general election, National had choices about how it could have proceeded.

“It’s approach revealed much about its idea of cooperation, or the lack of it.

Peters said that after the results were in, the left had achieved a swing of over 6 per cent “so the electoral energy was on that side of politics.”

National’s electoral energy was spent.

Peters said choosing National would have been the “tidiest” option for New Zealand First, ending up with a two-party majority coalition.

“We instead chose the harder path ? of change and regeneration.

“Change was necessary and it is our responsibility to deliver it. And we will.” End quote.

In other words, we now have? NZ First-led government, not a Labour-led government. I’m ok with that.