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[…] The government needed to recognise that violence against women was a national crisis and make a determined effort to “fix it”, Ms Clark said at the National Council of Women conference in Auckland this morning.

She referred to a study by Georgetown University’s Institute for Women, Peace and Security in the the United States, that?ranked New Zealand 18th in terms of women’s peace and security.

“Maybe we’ve always been the worst, but it hasn’t been expressed that starkly to us before,” Ms Clark said.

The low ranking was due almost entirely to New Zealand’s rates of intimate partner violence.

New Zealand scored particularly badly on intimate partner violence and community safety.

“Men who hit women are really expressing a view, a feeling, that women are inferior to them, and they can do whatever they want,” Ms Clark said.[…]


Pakistani-born polygamist Yasir Mohib’s 12-month jail sentence for assaulting one of his wives with a hammer has raised inconsistencies in NZ law. Photo / Dean Purcell