Immigration costs more than it benefits: Swiss study

Caption: Immigrants end up costing more in welfare than they benefit the economies of the West. Photoshopped image credit: Lushington.

One of the sleaziest pea-and-shells arguments from the open borders embiggeners is the claim that ?migration boosts the economy?. While this is technically true in the short term, the actual dollar benefit is grossly overstated, and the social, infrastructure and environmental costs are exorbitant. Economists brag about the alleged benefit ?per-capita GDP?, hoping that no-one will do the sums, and figure out that that doesn?t even work out to $100 a year per Australian.

All at the cost of choked cities, collapsing infrastructure, environmental degradation and massive cultural and social upheaval.

Now, a Swiss study questions even that alleged modest economic benefit. Quote:

A study from the University of Basel has concluded that while immigration may have short-term economic benefits for Western nations, in the long term it could heavily strain a country?s welfare system. End of quote.

Governments and business are addicted to sugar hits from mass immigration because the modest short-term benefits help to obscure their economic shortcomings. But now the long-term damage is being quantified. Quote:

The study examined the long-term effect of mass migration and concluded that while new migrant households in Switzerland pay around 729 francs per household per month more in taxes than they receive in benefits, that number becomes a 405 francs loss in the long term, Kronen Zeitung reports. End of quote.

This, mind you, from the industrious Swiss. Countries subjected to mass Muslim migration are importing a wave of welfare-hooverers, where barely half of the adults are working. Quote:

The driving factor behind the long-term loss is that migrants, like native Swiss, age and often pay less overall in taxes before retirement. Another factor is higher unemployment rates among migrants, which is twice as high as native Swiss or foreign EU nationals and four times as high for migrants from outside of the European political bloc.

Just over 70 percent of unemployment insurance money comes from native Swiss taxpayers, but they only take out 55 percent of the total unemployment benefits. End of quote.

Australia?s senator Fraser Anning infuriated the open borders elites when he observed that Muslims in Australia are mostly unemployed and sucking up welfare. But, however, the outraged green-left media tried to cut it, he was right. Quote:

In some countries, the unemployment rate is even higher for migrants and those from migrant backgrounds. Recently released figures from Sweden showed that while native Swedes had a very low unemployment rate of 3.6 percent, migrants and residents from migrant backgrounds had a rate of 19.9 percent. End of quote.

There?s a reason the millions of illegal immigrants flooding into Europe mostly don?t bother stopping in the countries they land in. Why bum off the relatively meagre welfare system of economically-troubled Italy or Greece, when the generous welfare states of northern Europe are ripe for the picking? Quote:

One of Germany?s top economists Hans-Werner Sinn has also warned Germany and other countries that many low-skilled migrants are attracted by generous welfare state programmes, as opposed to the high-skilled workers often demanded by governments. End of quote.

Of course, it?s the hardworking natives who have to pay for all this largesse heaped on the grifting tide flooding in from the global south. Quote:

In 2015, Mr Sinn and the Ifo Institute recommended the German government raise the retirement age in order to help pay for the migrants flooding into the country at the height of the migrant crisis.

Such a policy was announced by Sweden in December of last year when Swedish Socialist party Finance Minister Magdalena Andersson said the retirement age would likely have to be raised to pay for new migrants.

Municipalities across the country may also have to raise taxes to pay for new migrants, according to a report from the Swedish National Institute of Economic Research from March of this year. End of quote.

Alternatively, they could bar migrants from receiving welfare. But that sounds like the sort of thing the monstrous Trump would do. Better to make your native citizens drown in a lifetime of debt while they pay for their own demographic replacement.