Introducing Cambo the camo cat:

Last week I was enjoying a few pints with my good mates Cat Stevens, Scott Fitzferal, Paw McCartney, Luke Skywhisker and Henry Hissinger?when my mobile rang. It was my favourite purr-ty?pussy Margaret Scratcher.

She said that Paw Revere has contacted her to tell her that the fur-midable?editor of Whaleoil was on the hunt for a Cat correspondent.

I was so excited that I asked her if she was fur real and she assured me that it was true and that I was

fur-tunate?enough to be litter-ally?at the top of his list.

I played it cool initially and told him that I had a feline that it would suit me and that I enjoyed a good tail or two and that I would consider the paw-sibility. Meanwhile, I was thinking to myself that this opportunity is just puurfect.

My first post is below.

I read this week on Stuff that a Southland man has claimed to have trapped and killed 170 feral cats ( the gang like underclass of the cat world) which he buried under his vegetable garden. He has defended his actions by saying that he did not kill any of his neighbour’s?domestic cats.quote.

[…] Ian Gamble, of Otatara, a suburb of?Invercargill, posted the claim on Environment Southland’s social media page after it announced a proposal to microchip and register cats in some areas.

His first post said “Ban cats in Otatara.” End quote.

Facebook Southland man Ian Gamble said he had 170 cats in his veggie garden “which was the best place for a cat in a bush suburb.”

According to Mr Gamble cats do not?belong in bush suburbs and should be contained indoors. When interviewed he revealed his motivation for the Facebook post saying that he made the comments to “rark up the cat ladies of Otatara.”

He admitted when pressed that he doesn’t hate cats and explained that people are legally allowed to use a humane kill trap on their property. quote.

When I moved here 30 years ago there weren’t any neighbours here and there were cats everywhere living in the bush. Some of them had three legs and some had serious eye diseases. They were all over my section and were living under my house.

“What was I supposed to do? end quote.

Environment Southland?is proposing registering and microchipping?cats in certain areas and banning people who live in Omaui from getting a new cat when their companion pet dies. They have listed feral cats as a suppression animal on mainland Southland and Stewart Island/Rakiura. On offshore and inland islands they are listed as an exclusion animal.

As a domestic cat with a loving cat lady of my own, I admit that I do not have much sympathy for Feral cats. My own haram is exclusively made up of domestic, well fed, pampered pussies who wouldn’t dare risk breaking a nail actually hunting and killing their own dinner. Admittedly some of us ( and I include myself in this) do still kill for sport?and to keep our paws in but my favourite quarry are rats and mice and when I do bring a bird to show my mistress it is quite amusing to see the look of disgust on her face.

My main concern is the catophobia?that is becoming evident in both government and local government circles. Today it is the dirty, mangy feral underclass that is being targeted for extermination but tomorrow it will be domestic cats who will have a target on their backs. It is not a big step from banning domestic cats and preventing owners from replacing their dear departed companion to demanding that pet owners euthanise their pets in certain areas which would be a complete cat-astrophe.