Is Dennis Denuto the prime minister’s speech writer

Someone has to be taking the piss in the prime minister’s department. Either that or Dennis Denuto is now working for Jacinda Ardern: Quote:

But there are things that were also a bit unspoken. An undercurrent if you will. Perhaps I picked it up from the next generation of voters, or perhaps it was just the vibe of the thing. But we also decided that we would do things differently. End quote.

That line is of course from a famous Victorian court case of Kerrigan vs Crown at Melbourne in 1997.

I’m surprised she didn’t go full Dennis Denuto and mention the Constitution and Mabo.

Then again I bet she doesn’t really want anyone to know about her association with Simon Lusk.


Yes, a few years back Jacinda Ardern was at a dinner in the Hawkes Bay with some friends when Simon Lusk arrived for dinner with Mabo (a black labrador and his best hunting dog) and Lucy (a yellow labrador who is a real keen hunter? too). She gushed over the dogs and asked Simon what their names were. He replied that they were called Mabo and Lucy. Jacinda Ardern looked blankly at him and asked “Which one is Mabo?”

But seriously, how could a line from The Castle even make it into a speech? Someone is taking the piss, or the prime minister is just an embarrassment trying out cool phrases to sound down with the kids.