Is George Hawkins laughing his head off?

When George Hawkins left the Labour Party he wanted to get a sensible candidate to replace him in Manurewa. Someone on the right wing of the Labour Party like Stuart Nash or Shane Jones. Neither wanted the seat, which was very disappointing for George.

The most competent and strongest candidate to replace George was Jerome Mika. Jerome came from the wrong part of the party for George, and managed to explain to George how he was going to take George’s place in such a way that George was monumentally pissed off.??

So George decided that he would find the most useless, incompetent person who would do the least damage to replace him. Fortunately there was a superb candidate in Louisa Wall waiting in the wings. Wall?s underwhelming performance in parliament has exceeded George?s expectations.

Now Labour are in a very tough position. Two women ministers need replacing and there are not many women with more than one term of parliament behind them, the usual criteria for becoming a minister. Labour?s quota demands a woman replaces a woman putting George?s gift to the Labour Party in prime position for a promotion.

With Curran nearly down and Meka Whaitiri on death’s door politically, George Hawkins must be having a right good belly laugh about now.