Is one of those lessons that you are pants at your job?

Jacinda Ardern reckons there are lessons to learn from the Curran sacking/resignation. Quote:

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern says “on reflection” she could have handled some aspects of the Clare Curran controversy differently.

Ms Curran?resigned as a minister?late last week, citing relentless and intolerable pressure.

Ms Ardern said ministers have been reminded of their obligations to formally log official communications.

At her post Cabinet briefing she was asked whether she could have handled the whole situation better.

“I, on reflection, can learn from some of the things along the journey of government. I don’t think you’d want a leader that couldn’t learn from the past.” End quote.

This isn’t participation politics. It’s not all about experiential learning. Jacinda Ardern is the prime minister and she should be capable of doing her job. All she has done now is admit she isn’t up to it and she’s giving herself a “must try harder” grade.

You have to have some sort of core competencies. Jacinda Ardern is showing that having NCEA level 1 in fish and chip wrapping isn’t one of them. Quote:

National Party leader Simon Bridges told?Morning Report?he believed there could be information in the emails which forced Ms Curran’s resignation.

The government should show it is being transparent by revealing emails from the former minister, he said.?End quote.

Yes they should. If they don’t reveal them then questions will be asked over what is being hidden by a government that touts that it is the most transparent in history despite the minister for open government being sacked for being rather opaque.