Islamic country flogs lesbians: Left silent

?Intersectionality? is an addle-brained Marxist nonsense that Alan Dershowitz described as ?phoniest academic doctrine I have encountered?. Naturally, the intelligentsia just love it.

Would that it was merely yet another intellectual circle-jerk. The sad truth is that, as Francis Wheen put it, ?mumbo-jumbo conquered the world?, and intersectionality led the charge. This ninny-headed academic tomfoolery has had an absurd influence on modern politics, where its most practical expression is the infamous Leftist Victim Totem Pole. Intersectionality?s obsession with imaginary ?oppression? has led, as Dershowitz observed, LGBT activists to stand in ?solidarity? with advocates of Sharia, even though Islamic law viciously denies gay rights. When pussy-hatted Western feminists intone, ?Allahu Ackbar!?, blame intersectionality.

In the absence of any evidence, intersectional social media outrage-mongers gibber and squeal about Donald Trump?s alleged ?homophobia?. Yet, when Muslim nations actually brutally punish homosexuality, the silence is deafening. Quote:

Two young women were whipped in an open court in Malaysia yesterday for ?attempted sex?, the first time the country?s sharia courts have caned women for the so-called crime and also the first time it has chosen to do so ?publicly.

The women, aged 32 and 22, received six lashes each of a rattan cane before about 80 people inside the Terengganu courtroom yesterday morning, including media, lawyers, state administration officials and NGO activists.

The judges told those attending they had chosen to open the corporal punishment to witnesses to show the relative leniency of sharia caning, and to teach the women a lesson. End of quote.

That?s right: under Islam, a public whipping is ?lenient?. Quote:

Many Mal?aysian activists were deeply concerned about the continuation of corporal punishment in the country, meted out by the state sharia and the criminal court systems. End of quote.

Yet, while local NGOs protested the brutal injustice, loudmouthed Twitter feminists were conspicuously silent.

Clementine Ford, Jane Caro, Van Badham, declined to utter a word of protest, even after being directly challenged to do so. Yassmin ?Islam is the most feminist religion? Abdel-Magied managed, wonder of wonders, to shut her mouth for a day.

Labor senator Penny Wong, a Malaysian-born lesbian who regularly waxes outraged at ?bigots? in Australia, tweeted a cheerful Malaysian Independence Day congratulatory message, hailing Malaysia as ?inclusive?. The suggestion from one online wag, that she might request a video of the whipping for her collection, was just unkind.

I would report if Naomi Wolf said anything, but she long ago blocked me for mocking her chemtrail conspiracy-mongering. Quote:

?The fact that they?re moving into this public caning and making this a public event is definitely a sign of regression of human rights in ?Malaysia,? said Thilaga Sulathireh from Sister for Justice, who attended the caning?Ms Sulathireh said many Mal?aysian activists were deeply concerned about the continuation of corporal punishment in the country, meted out by the state sharia and the criminal court systems. End of quote.

If Ms Sulathireh is expecting any help, even a supportive word, from activists in the West, she better not hold her breath waiting. As invariably happens, when women and gays facing brutal oppression in the Islamic world turn to their Western friends, the best they can hope for is an embarrassed silence.

Queers in Palestine are murdered, but queers in the West are all for Palestine.

Activists in the West will drag a cake decorator through years of punishing litigation, just for declining to adorn a cake with rainbows and dildos. Then they?ll side with inhuman Islamic fanatics who savagely oppress homosexuals.

I mean, they wouldn?t want to sound Islamophobic, or something.