It is not tiddleywinks, Cindy

Jacinda Ardern & flying dildo.
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This article was produced by?Stuff?in April this year. quote:

“I also want this government to feel different, I want people to feel that it’s open, that it’s listening and that it’s going to bring kindness back.”

Transformation with kindness seems to suggest that if those exercising power can just be kinder, things will improve greatly. So all that is needed is a bit of tinkering with structure, some re-jigging of priorities, a recalibration of policies but nothing too radical or fundamental. end quote.

Don’t we all remember how many times she has referred to ‘nine years of neglect’ from the former government? Considering how they had to deal with the GFC, the Christchurch earthquakes and also the Kaikoura earthquake, that assessment does not seem particularly kind. quote:

At first blush, a?kind Government seems?ridiculous. Kindness is often abused and sometimes you have to be cruel to be kind.

Government is about the exercise of power to achieve ends, which ultimately should benefit society, but kindness often has to go out the window to get things done. Governments tend to look after their own which means being unkind to those who do not support it.

Ardern also knows that kindness will not be enough to transform the lives of those people she is most keen to help. end quote.

Government is not about kindness. It is about managing the economy in a way that helps all New Zealanders. Yes, that includes the poor. But it also needs to include business owners, who employ others, and wealthy people. The government is for everyone.

On Monday,?Greg O’Connor?suggested that the government, and in particular, Cindy, wanted to change the way politics is done. quote:

“We’ve got a Prime Minister who is actually genuinely trying to be a more humane, take the nastiness out of it. If the commentators aren’t going to let her, if the Opposition isn’t going to let her, we’ll end up going down the exact same way the Australians are,” he said. end quote.

I don’t remember them being very kind in opposition. They bayed and howled and cut down every MP that they possibly could. Remember Todd Barclay? Remember Judith Collins and the Orivida debacle? Yes, they were very kind in opposition.

But now that the boot is on the other foot, and it is their ministers being brought down for incompetence, they don’t like it one little bit.

Politics is not tiddleywinks, Cindy. It is a nasty business. It is all about chopping out the legs from your opponents. You would be more than happy to do that if you could.

Politics is also all about the opposition being effective. And to do that, they have to bring every single government minister under scrutiny, all the time.

If you wanted to be kind, you might start with being kind to the opposition. After all, they got more votes than you did.

But that is not what Greg O’Connor is talking about, is it?

Greg didn’t like the way Clare Curran was brought to her knees. Even though she was lying, obfuscating and incompetent, Labour didn’t like losing a minister. Greg O’Connor wants to make sure it never happens again.

However just to be consistent, the kind prime minister reacted badly to O’Connor’s comment. quote:

A spokesman for Ardern confirmed that Ardern gave O’Connor “a stern phone call” about his comments tonight.

“She has relayed her disappointment to Greg O’Connor around his remarks, and he has affirmed his support and confidence in the Prime Minister,” the spokesman said. end quote.

Not very kind, is it? It seems O’Connor has backtracked on his comments, however, so the ‘stern’ approach has had the desired effect. But was it kind?

All I can say is that this will happen again. Meka Waitiri hasn’t been dealt with yet. Chances are, she is going to need more than a ‘stern phone call’.

Unless Labour has a raft of competent ministers – which it doesn’t – it will happen over and over again. Watch this space.

But now Cindy is trying to throw around a bit more fairy dust and get everyone to play nice.

This is not tiddleywinks, Cindy.