It’s Allahu Ackbar again so stop lying to our faces

Caption: “Allahu Ackbar” – it’s Arabic for “Nothing to do with Islam”.

Police and politicians really think we?re all just blind and stupid: why else would they persist in lying through their teeth about the (literally) bleeding obvious.

When a car deliberately mowed down dozens of people in the Melbourne CBD last year, anyone with half a brain had a horrible suspicion why. When it emerged that the driver was an Afghan refugee, who yelled that chillingly familiar phrase, suspicion hardened into certainty.

Yet, police and politicians still straight-up told us to ignore our lyin? eyes. They even kept straight faces, as they burbled the usual pabulum about ?Not terror-related?. Quote:

A man accused of driving his car into pedestrians in Melbourne?s CBD last year had images of foreign mass car attacks on his computer and yelled ?Allahu Akbar? when he was arrested, a court has heard.

Saeed Noori faced Melbourne?s Magistrates Court today for a committal hearing, where he is charged with one count of murder, 15 counts of attempted murder and a dangerous driving offence?Senior Crown prosecutor Mark Gibson told the court today that Noori had images on a personal computer of similar incidents.

?Police found still images on Mr Noori?s computer ? of a car driving into pedestrians in Westminster Bridge in London ? during a protest in Charlottesville, Virginia ? and an incident in Spain,? Mr Gibson said.

?When arrested, he yelled Allahu Akbar two or three times.? End of quote.

Nothing to see here, folks. Quote:

The court heard Mr Noori tried and failed to hire an SUV in Preston and had taken out $7000 from his bank account.

He eventually borrowed his mother?s white Suzuki SUV, the car involved in the crash. End of quote.

Well, he was determined, you have to give him that.

Still, just as surely as Allahu Ackbar follows the trail of destruction, along come the ?mental illness? excuses. Quote:

The court has head on a previous mention that Mr Noori has been diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia.

But a psychological assessment is still needed before he can plea not guilty by reason of mental impairment. End of quote.

He may well be a loon. But, despite the idiotic blitherings of Islamophile multiculti apologists, being a gibbering lunatic is not mutually exclusive to being a swivel-eyed, bomb-throwing Koran-thumper. Indeed, when your very Prophet was a head-chopping fanatic who showed every sign of being off his henna-dyed nut, it tends to go with the territory.

Just to prove there?s no show without Punch, along comes Captain Obvious. Quote:

Earlier an Islamic Studies expert, who cannot be legally identified, told the court there were signs Mr Noori could have been radicalised.

The expert was approached by Victoria Police because they have helped with cases involving the Islamic community before.

?There were signs and patterns in his initial statement and material he consulted online ? that there could be a fair degree of radicalisation,? the expert said.

But they also said they could not determine Mr Noori?s motivation and that the defendant did not appear to be inspired by Islamic State. End of quote.

This is the sadly typical sort of pea-and-shells gambit that follows Islam like the stench of camel dung. Just because this particular murderous Islamic nutjob may not have been specifically inspired by just one of the hundreds of equally savage splinter groups dedicated to imposing Dar al-Islam one corpse at a time, doesn?t mean that his motivation isn?t as lethally obvious as an exploding pressure-cooker bomb.

The determination of all branches of civic authority to lie to our faces is as astonishing as it is blatant. When Muslim refugees went on a coordinated, multi-city rampage of New Year?s Eve rape and assault across Europe, police blatantly lied for days that it had even happened. When Swedish suburbs are set ablaze more often than a New York dumpster, and police are attacked with grenades, media and politicians deny that anything at all is amiss.

Nobody, apart from the willfully blind pearl-clutchers of the multiculturalism cult, is deceived for an instant.

Something has to give. Even peace-loving Westerners will only put up with so much for so long. The more savage enormities are heaped on the long-suffering peoples? of the West by brutal fanatics, and the more public trust in our civic institutions is undermined by the most shamefully obvious lies, the worse things will be when it finally does.