Jacinda doesn’t like to be called Cindy. Good to know

It seems that Jacinda Ardern doesn’t like to be called Cindy. We know this because she has done yet another interview with an overseas news outlet. Quote:

I wonder if she worries that she will do something to evoke Trump?s wrath and get a nickname hurled at her.

?I?ve been given so many, it?d be quite hard to come up with a new one,? she said, laughing. ?Back in the early days of my political career, I was called Socialist Cindy. I just hate the nickname Cindy.? End quote.

Well, that’s a win for Whaleoil. We invented the term, Socialist Cindy. But good to know that Ardern doesn’t like being called Cindy.

But she can hardly complain about Donald Trump giving her a nickname. She started it all by marching in a pussy hat protest against Trump and by calling him orange in one of the more gauche displays overseas from one of our prime ministers.

Some wag has probably already had a whisper in Trump’s ear and suggested a few names, like My Little Pony to go along with Socialist Cindy. I don’t think she would be that pleased if Trump called her My Little Pony; she got My Little Pony?s two Christmases running.