Jan Thomas’ biggest mistake

Massey University Vice-Chancellor Professor Jan Thomas Photo credit: Massey university. Photoshopped image credit: Pixy

Massey Vice-Chancellor?Jan Thomas was only following the example of Western left-wing university academics everywhere when she decided to de platform?Don Brash. She was therefore not unusual in her actions or her motivations but she was seriously deficient in her strategy.

To use an analogy she popped a frog straight into a pot of boiling water instead of gradually increasing the temperature.

When working to silence the free speech of conservative speakers a left-wing activist academic should NEVER go straight for a well respected conservative target.

The idea is to turn the anti-free speech temperature gauge up gradually so that people do not notice what is happening. To do that you need to confuse conservatives by going after people who either have or can be smeared as having so-called extreme right-wing views. This way even though a little voice inside their head will be saying, “but this is taking away a speaker’s free speech” another voice will be whispering, “you don’t want to publically show support for that person because then you might get smeared as an extremist, right-winger too.”

Instead of finding a figure that conservatives would be conflicted about and would, therefore, be loath to defend Jan Thomas went straight for Don Brash which was her biggest mistake. No one in their right mind would ever see Brash’s desire for equality in our electoral system to be racist. He wants all New Zealanders to be treated exactly the same. This is not an extreme or a right-wing view it is a bog standard conservative view.