Judith Collins says Jacinda Ardern acting ‘very dodgy’ over Derek Handley fiasco

As Jacinda Ardern continues to dissemble over her and her office’s involvement over the handling of the Derek Handley fiasco, Judith Collins has labelled Ardern’s behaviour as “very dodgy”: Quote:

National MP Judith Collins told The AM Show on Friday the releases show Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has been “very, very dodgy” with her answers in Parliament about the botched recruitment.

“I think that’s what made us very interested… it’s all very strange.”

Ms Ardern had previously said she “did not engage with [Derek Handley] directly on the issue of the CTO role”. She told Parliament under questioning from National leader Simon Bridges that she’d known Mr Handley for “a number of years and have had correspondence with him for a number of years”.

He had sent her an email saying he was applying for the CTO role on April 23, but she hadn’t opened it. The pair did however exchange text messages over the next couple of days – Ms Ardern saying Mr Handley’s move back to New Zealand was “great news”, but not directly replying to his text message mentioning that he had applied for the CTO role.

Ms Ardern said Mr Handley sent her another email to her private account in June, which she didn’t open, and only found out from her staff that he had applied.?End quote.

The emails and texts were overly familiar, like teenagers speaking actually. Something isn’t right about Ardern’s stories.?Quote:

Ms Collins said Ms Ardern would have been “jointly responsible” for Mr Handley’s appointment as CTO, which was rescinded after?Ms Curran’s unrecorded meeting in February emerged.

“The Prime Minister’s going to have to answer some questions because she’s certainly being very economical around some of the information she’s given us in Parliament.

Labour MP Michael Wood, appearing on The AM Show alongside Ms Collins, said the Opposition was “obsessing about the sequencing and the number of text messages and emails”.

“Everything is actually being released here, it’s all on the table. If there’s actually something damning that the Opposition can pick up on, then go for their lives? We’re getting on with building houses and rebuilding the health and education systems – things that actually make a difference.”

He said mistakes “happen”, and the Government had managed the fiasco well with Ms Curran’s resignation and the apology issued to Mr Handley. End quote.

Michael Wood would dissemble and explain away almost anything for Labour. If he thinks the fiasco was handled well I’d hate to see what a stuff up looks like. The fact it is described as a fiasco in media suggests it hasn’t been handled at all well.