Kiribati Kapers

The delegation from Kiribati to the Pacific Islands Forum in Nauru last week went home rather unhappy.? When you live in paradise a week on Nauru would tend to make you unhappy.? Nauru has few redeeming features and its efforts to hold a successful Forum progressing important issues like security and sovereignty, failed.? Nauru?s President should stick to playing banjo lullabies.??

The problem for Kirbati, Nauru and their Forum friends is that the pesky hard data on climate change wont play the ?alarmist? game.? They have everything going for them except the facts.? The world is flooded with predictions of climate catastrophes, endless scientific papers claiming frightening prospects for low-lying countries, government and NGO?s forced to travel business class to resort after resort trying to get the text of their communiques sorted, Green politicians dreaming up new pollution taxes and draconian regulations and the data just keeps on doing what it has done for hundreds of years, with or without CO2.

The Pacific Islands thought they had a strong hand.? Climate change was the last card in a royal flush.? Now they could really make some irrefutable claims for aid, refugee status, sweet deals and more.? Leverage to die for, at last.? The claims arrived thick and fast.

The Paris Accord was a developing countries ?wet dream?.? Billions were going to flow from the coffers of the wealthy countries to those sinking below the waves.

The problem is President Trump can read graphs just like the rest of us.