Kiwis against the plastic bag ban

It was Nige who came across this?Facebook page?which is called ‘Kiwis against the Plastic Bag Ban’. It is a community-based page, and it is definitely worth a look if you are interested in protesting the plastic bag ban imposed unilaterally by our wonderful government. They obviously have some good photoshoppers too, although they are nowhere near as good as our amazing Whaleoil photoshoppers. Take a bow, guys.

But have a look at some of their work anyway. It is really pretty good, and also quite thought-provoking.

Or, as another photo points out, it could be seen as a ban on lunch.

Do any of the rest of you buy a sandwich from a local coffee shop? You know, the ones either wrapped in plastic or the ones in hard plastic cases? I’ll bet some of you do. I know I do, sometimes…

How about this?

Well, as far as I am concerned, you can keep the Chateau cardboard, and give me a decent bottle of Pinot Noir any day. But some people drink this stuff and let’s face it, there is no reason for them to stop, just because plastic has been banned.

Ah, now we are getting a little bit more serious. Remember all that stuff about AIDS in the 1980s? The only way to be safe was to use a condom? So what does this mean now? Are we likely to be looking at a resurgence of diseases like AIDS? No. We definitely don’t want that.

Again, this is the law of unintended consequences. First, it was plastic bags. But now all plastics are up for grabs.

Including things that are culturally sensitive. Although it is a surprise that some traditional Maori items are now made of plastic.

But hey. There is nothing like moving with the times.

Then how about this?

I am not anti-smoking, but seeing young children smoking like this makes my blood boil. This really is not Okay.

But hey. Using a plastic bag is much worse, isn’t it?

Then there is this?

Things are getting really silly now, aren’t they?

I like the way they put the whole plastic bag ban into perspective. Plastic bags bad, guns, smoking kids good. In what world will that ever be Okay? Really?

And yes, maybe they do some over the top comparisons but let’s face it – none of them is?actually untrue, are they?

It seems that, in a few short months, a lot of things are now under threat. Plastic bags, dogs, cats, cattle, energy drinks…

… but don’t worry. Everything will be Okay. Jacinda will wave her magic wand and turn her plastic bag into a pumpkin. Or something…