Labor: Better Allahu Ackbar than Au Pair

Caption: How dare Peter Dutton let such dangerous extremists into the country.

Politicians in glass houses should be very wary of throwing stones. Political witch-hunts have a way of coming back to bite their instigators on the backside. As I warned months ago, Labor?s full-tilt pursuit of Coalition MPs caught up in the dual citizenship scandal was going to blow back on them, as it duly did.

Labor?s latest gambit, fuelled by vengeful leaks in the wake of Malcolm Turnbull?s dumping, is to try and pursue Home Affairs minister and failed challenger, Peter Dutton, over his use of ministerial intervention powers to grant visas to two foreign au pairs.

This is not illegal: as minister, Dutton is perfectly entitled to use his discretion. There is a waft of favours for mates, as both cases involved people known to Dutton, but it?s still pretty weak stuff. Even former Labor politician Graham Richardson admits that Dutton was just a minister doing his job.

Dutton duly fired back, warning that he had files of thousands of requests for intervention from both sides of politics, and pointedly asking whether Labor politicians had personal links to dubious characters they?d lobbied for. Now, he?s making good on his threat. Quote:

Senior Labor frontbencher Tony Burke personally lobbied the government in support of a ?business visa for an Islamic ?extremist and hate preacher who advocated the ?execution of homo?sexuals and subjugation of women, but was later denied entry to Australia.

Mr Burke, a former immigration minister, made personal representations on behalf of ?Mohammed Rateb Abdalah Ali al-Nabulsi, whom Australian intelligence officials had declared a hate preacher and whose views on women in particular, an internal report claimed, would be ??abhorrent? to most Australians. End of quote.

Labor politicians screeched nonsense about ?hate speech?, in trying to get people like Milo and Lauren Southern banned from our shores. But they?re totally relaxed about stuff like this: Quote:

An Intelligence Division ?assessment in July last year found his views against Western values and women ? including suggestions they were creations of ?Satan? ? and defence of a death sentence for homosexuality ?were likely to be abhorrent? to sectors of the community.

Mr Nabulsi said in a 2011 ?television interview broadcast by Hamas: ?Homosexuality leads to the destruction of the ???homo?sexual. That is why, brothers, homosexuality carries the death penalty. When the head of the (Islamic) community in Australia came to bid me farewell … he began to cry, and said: ?Tell our brothers in Syria that the garbage heaps of Syria are better than the gardens of Australia.? When I asked him why, he said: ?There is a 50 per cent chance that you will see your son with an earring in his right ear.? This means he is a homosexual.?

The intelligence assessment also cited a book allegedly written by Mr Nabulsi, The Muslim Youth, in which women are depicted as the ?devil?s temptation?. End of quote.

Then there is the mealy-mouthed excuse-making. Quote:

Last night, Mr Burke told The Australian he had sought advice from Mr Dutton on whether there were issues he should have been aware of in relation to the application by Mr Nabulsi but Mr Dutton had not responded.

?It is outrageous and appalling that there were character concerns about this specific individual and he never bothered to let me know, even though I had specifically asked,? Mr Burke said.

?Mr Dutton needs to answer the question as to why he kept character concerns secret from an MP who was seeking that exact ?information.? End of quote.

Maybe Burke should have just looked the bloke up on YouTube.

But, the truth is that none of this is about any such high-minded ideals as propriety. As Richo says, this is just low political payback.

What?s also at issue here is that the watermelons have got their knickers in a knot because Dutton didn?t intervene to let in their precious fakefugees. But, let?s face it, the au pairs might at worst do some babysitting on the sly, then go home. They wouldn?t leech off Australian welfare in perpetuity, and ship in their extended families to do the same.

And they certainly weren?t going to go all ?Allahu Ackbar? on anybody.

Finally, Burke is the member for Watson, in Sydney. Watson has one of the densest populations of Muslims in Australia. Of course, a local member will intervene on behalf of their constituents, but it must be asked whether Labor is recklessly endangering national security, just to curry favour with a key voting bloc.