Labour losing the moral high ground on employment relations

Digital image credit: Luke

The Labour Party makes a lot of noise about fighting against bad employers. There are bad employers everywhere, and Labour thinks we need more laws to stop bad employers.

The problem for Labour is there are a number of Labour MPs who are absolutely terrible employers. They have huge staff turnovers, everyone who works for them hates them, and these MPs mean Labour can?t take the moral high ground on employment matters.? ?

If a Labour MP stands up in the house and starts talking about bad employers they will immediately get asked whether it is acceptable for an employer to physically assault a staff member. Obviously, it is not, but if the stories about Meka Whaitiri are true then if she’s still in the Labour caucus National will rightly ask if Labour are a pack of hypocrites.

Labour will also be greatly embarrassed if anyone chooses to ask if it is acceptable for a senior member of an organisation to sleep with a junior member of the same organisation even if the senior person does not have direct line management responsibility for the junior. In the #MeToo environment, that Labour has campaigned hard on, there is only one answer.

Simon? Bridges could show his mettle by asking the prime minister??Is the prime minister familiar with any ?unscrupulous bosses?in the government sector? By way of examples, perhaps a boss who doesn?t listen to her workers? A boss who requires some of her workers to double their workload? Maybe even a boss who exploits the rules to further her own career? Or a boss who perhaps assaults their employees? Remind her of anybody??