Labour’s deportation hypocrisy

As we?ve written before on Whaleoil, the Ardern government seems very keen on Australia-bashing. Now, they?re getting New Zealand?s diplomats to do their dirty work. Quote:

Australia?s deportation of Kiwis has been ?corrosive? to the trans-Tasman relationship, New Zealand?s top diplomat has told a parliamentary committee in Canberra.

Appearing at the Australian government?s Joint Standing Committee on Migration on Wednesday, New Zealand High Commissioner Chris Seed criticised the legal processes around deporting long-term residents on character grounds and without convictions as ?less than robust?.

?What we have a problem with is where they?re deporting people who have effectively lived here for long periods of time … who came here when they were two, who are essentially products of the Australian community or whose family are here??

New Zealand Foreign Affairs Ministers Winston Peters backed Mr Seed. End of quote.

Deporting people who?ve been in the country since they were children? What monsters we Australians are.

Except, as Newsie reports: Quote:

The stepfather of murdered teenager Karla Cardno faces deportation after being locked up in a cell and described as an overstayer.

Mark Middleton has been in New Zealand since 1962, when he immigrated with his family as a four-year-old.

Mr Middleton was arrested and put in a police cell last week.

He’s accused of being in New Zealand unlawfully since 1986 after he went overseas for a holiday.

Immigration New Zealand said in a statement he was issued with a 30-day visitor visa on his return and has made no application for citizenship since then. End of quote.

So, the New Zealand government is using a technicality to deport someone who has been there since childhood? Pot, kettle, black.

New Zealand has also been complaining about the harshness of Australia?s new deportation regime. Harsh, like this? Quote:

Mr Middleton is the stepfather of murdered schoolgirl Karla Cardno, who was raped and tortured before being buried alive in 1989. End of quote.

Ultimately, Middleton was allowed to remain in New Zealand, but cases like this make the Ardern government?s soapbox look a bit wobbly.

As does accusations of racist targeting of people for deportation. Also from Newsie: Quote:

An Immigration New Zealand pilot programme that profiles overstayers could unfairly target Pasifika people and is being called racist.

For the past 18 months, Immigration New Zealand has been running a pilot to help it prioritise which people it should take action against.

To do that, it has been modelling data – including the age, gender and ethnicity – of overstayers to identify which groups are more likely to run up hospital costs or commit crime. End of quote.

In other words, racial profiling. The sort of thing that fauxgressive types like to whine about. Except, apparently, when they do it.

As Whaleoil has written, Ardern ?continues to use bashing Aussie as a distraction from her government?s own problems?. That might play well to the fawning peanut gallery in the New Zealand media, but it could very easily come back to bite. Quote:

New Zealand?s coalition government has been vocal in its criticism of the deportations, with its justice minister, Andrew Little, and Australian Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton trading barbs over the matter earlier in the year. Mr Dutton said Australia did a lot of heavy lifting for New Zealand in terms of regional security and stopping boats, and has defended the sovereign right to deport people. End of quote.

Australia acts as a kind of ?shepherd moon?, standing between New Zealand and the Asian jumping-off points of the people-smuggling trade. Australia hoovers up boats that would otherwise head for New Zealand, either by sheer size and proximity, or actively intercepting boats bound for New Zealand. But, Australia also has the right to maintain its territorial integrity, which includes deporting people. New Zealand does the same.

So, a little less grandstanding from virtue-signalling politicians would go a long way.